Monday, August 09, 2010


we survived our first week.
sorry for the silence around here. i always find myself a bit uninspired when mr.a leaves. instead of having opportunities to observe and capture our daily life, i spend a lot more energy getting through each day. but i can honestly say we have been doing well.
piper is still spicy and spunky and silly.
quinn is still sweet and snuggly and smiley.
i am still...uhh.... alive. haha, how's that for optimism?
really, though, i've felt pretty good.
not too lonely. not too stressed. not too sad.
just really sweaty.

yep. our AC went out this weekend. during a heat index of 106.
when i went to sleep last night it was 80 degrees outside, 85 inside. 85!
we had a slumber party in the basement with our only fan blowing right in my face.
someone is hopefully going to come check it out today.
keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't cost a million dollars.
or any dollars.
anyway, i promise to get back to regular blogging soon.
i really do love it (and you!) and it's my favoritest hobby. besides shopping.
 sheesh, that sounds shallow. i could add that to my list above:
i'm still alive and shopping and shallow.


  1. yay! you are still alive. i have been thinking a lot about you & the others this week...sending my thoughts & prayers up for ya.

    praying all works out with the AC situation and SOON! i would be miserable without AC. you can come over here if you want!!

    p.s. you are SO NOT shallow. i love that you love blogging & us & inspires me others to be better & that is a very DEEP thing.

    you make the world a better place, mrs. A....don't you forget or let anyone tell you otherwise. {sorry, i got my mom voice down off the shelf for a bit there...}

  2. i meant {me & others}.... not me others...geesh, like a split personality, am i.

  3. waiting for the first deployment sleepover! if it doesn't happen before (which hopefully it does) you have to sleepover as soon as SATC comes out! oh, and i thought of payment for cleaning: guacamole. lots of it.


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