Friday, July 30, 2010


at first sight.
autumn wrote to me a few weeks ago for help finding the perfect outfit. she is about to be reunited with her husband who has been deployed for a year! eeeek!
i can't imagine how excited she is. she wanted something light, airy, and comfortable. and of course she wants to look gorgeous for her husband! 
i was immediately drawn to this dress from j.crew because of it's price and empire waist. autumn is petite and an empire waist is great for us short gals. it makes it look like your legs start under your boobs. that sounds like a weird body type (pear, hour-glass, torso-less...) but, under clothing--it just works!
i wanted autumn to have something relatively simple. no belts to adjust or scarves to re-tie. when she's running towards her man, she does not want to be worried about her outfit! plus, i wanted her to feel great, and personally, i always feel great in a dress. this knit dress is good middle-ground: not too dressy, but still special. 

after posting this, i realized i didn't include a necklace. i generally choose 2 out of 3 jewelry locations when accessorizing so as not to overdo it (meaning: earrings and necklace or bangles and earrings), but that's because i love huge earrings, huge necklaces, and huge bangles; so it gets a bit much. with this delicate look, i think a simple gold necklace would look beautiful. maybe a letter "D" charm for her husband, derek!
i hope you love it, autumn! i know you must be so nervous and excited and anxious for him to arrive! oh, and by the way: a bonus of this outfit, is that the pink will look great next to army green in all your pictures!

can't wait until i'm picking my reunion outfit!


  1. LOVE IT! love the soft colors, very "romantical" to quote little rascals. also, i love how you say "no belts to adjust or scarves to retie" mind immediately went to them ripping their clothes off each other! ;)

  2. hahahaha, mer! that got a good BLOL outta me. (that's: belly laugh out loud.)
    so really, the outfit doesn't matter at all, because it won't stay on very long! but luckily, this dress will be easy to remove!!!!

    sorry if the public discussion about your sex-life makes you uncomfortable, autumn!

  3. HAHA! You're totally right... it really doesn't matter! Derek and i have had this discussion before, believe me ;) But i definitely want to look attractive, even if i'm the only one who really appreciates all the effort! But i'm sure he'll love it! I like what you've put together! Definitely something different, but the more i think about it the more i'm getting excited about putting every part of the outfit together! I just hope i can find the dress in my size! The website only has it in an extra small and i'll need a small. I'd love to track down the "D" charm too! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you've put together girl! I'm soo excited! I'll take a photo of our reunion and my sexy outfit and send it to you! ;)

  4. “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” -Coco Chanel

    Your comment about choosing 2 out of 3 jewelry spots reminded me of that quote by Coco. Just thought I'd share.

  5. yes! my best friend told me that quote years ago and it's always in the back of my mind!


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