Tuesday, July 27, 2010


cold shoulder.

i really tried to take a decent picture of this outfit.  i promise i did. but by the time i had the opportunity, it was dusk, i was sweaty, and my tummy was giving me a rumble. no, not the "i'm hungry" rumble. the other kind of rumble. you know the one. (am i seriously talking about my digestion to you guys? sheesh! sorry.)
anyway. my patience for outfit pictures only lasts about five minutes. and if i don't get a decent picture--i'm over it. but i still wanted to show you what i wore today because i really like the pattern-mixing and, well, i thought i should document the fact that i'm finally not wearing my cut-off denim shorts. i've been wearing those puppies like it's my job. and finally, my employer is in the laundry, so i had to branch out a little. anyway, the rumbling has since ceased and i'm now in my beloved sweat pants. yes, these. you guys know i loves me some cute clothes, but nothin' beats taking your bra off and throwing your sweats on at the end of the day.

am i right???

striped tank: j.crew, $12
solid tank: j.crew, $8
skirt: forever 21, $15
belt: j.crew, $9
flipflops: j.crew, $9
earrings: a gift, these
bracelet: j.crew


  1. I do love the pattern mixing! So summery and sweet. And yes, there is nothing like putting cozy clothes on at the end of the day... actually yesterday I did it in the middle of the day! Extra nice!

  2. I love this combination of stripes and florals! The bright stripes are so fun!

    Small Time Style

  3. I gotta give you a great big "AMEN!" about changing into PJ's at the end of the day. Best part of my day! :)

  4. just so you know, i dig your hair up like this. :)


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