Sunday, July 25, 2010


yes. it's that dress again.
i feel entitled to wear it as much as i want since it's the dress that mr.a bought for me. and, well, i guess i don't have to explain why that makes it a bit sentimental these days.
dress: michael stars, gift
scarf: thrifted, $5
earrings: forever 21, $4
sandals: gap, $14


  1. plus, the dress looks amazing on you! love the scarf too... a perfect pair!

  2. Love the way you styled the scarf as a belt! Goes perfectly with the dress!

    Small Time Style

  3. love the color(s) of the scarf! as a belt! you are rockin' my fashion senses...all two of them. :) must go thrifting with you. soon.

    i think i just invited myself along...or i admitted to being a stalker... either one i am fine with!!


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