Saturday, July 24, 2010


love/hate relationships.

so there's a story about this dress.
i had actually bought a different dress from forever21 for the party, but later decided it was maybe a bit too dressy. so the afternoon before the party, i brought the dress back to exchange for something else. anyone who shops at forever21 knows how terrible their return policy is, ecpecially considering the relatively poor quality of their clothes. if you don't know their return policy, basically you have 21 days to return an item that must be unworn, tags attached, and have the original receipt. but you can only ever get store credit--no money back. luckily, i had this other dress in mind, had my receipt and the tags were still on the dress i was returning.
so i bring it up to the counter and explain that i have an exchange. the girl asks if there was anything wrong with the dress, i say no. then she says, "you have to have your receipt." i point to where i had just set the receipt in front of her. then she calls a manager over and says the tags aren't attached. well, i knew they were attached. so the manager turns the dress inside out, searching for the tags which just happened to be attached to a spot other than where they normally are (i guess). the manager rips the tags off and tells the co-worker that it will have to be re-tagged. they're both acting like i've somehow re-tagged the thing myself and that's why it was in such a mysterious location. whatever.
so then the manager asks me why i'm returning the dress. i explain for the second time. but they're both acting hostile towards me. totally giving me the stare-down, which i don't understand, because i'm returning the dress under their ridiculous confines without any complaint. so then the manager proceeds to inspect every inch of the dress and, for the grand finale, holds it up in the air and SNIFFS it. by this time i'm really annoyed. i have both girls with me and quinn is crying and piper is begging for neon pink nailpolish. i just want out of there. but they continue to take their sweet time analyzing whether i've somehow damaged this $20 dress that has sat in the bag in my closet for 3 days.
luckily, i felt amazing in the dress i ended up with, and we had a fantastic time at the party, so i quickly got over my annoyance with forever 21. until about midnight, when we were getting ready to leave, and i look over and sitting just a few tables away is the forever21 manager! the girl who sniffed my dress up & down! all my frustration comes rushing back to me. so, i walked over to her, introduced myself and explained that i thought what she had done was a little rude and that maybe they should try to treat their customers with more respect and...
she totally blew me off.
first she claimed that it wasn't her (it was) and then said that it was rude of me to question her work ethic while she's obviously out trying to relax and have a good time.
maybe that's true. maybe i shouldn't have said anything to her. i don't know what i hoped she would say, maybe explain that she has some sort of OCD about where tags are placed or that she thought the dress smelled really good and was going to ask me about my perfume... i don't know. but the customers who return items are the same customers who purchase items and they ought to be treated equally.
which, maybe at forever 21 is equally bad
sigh. forever 21. can't live with it. can't live without it.
dress: forever 21, $22
earrings: forever 21, $6
espadrilles: target:, $11


  1. That is maddening! Good for you for enduring the torturous return...I would have crumbled and kept the dress never to show my face in F21 even though I didn't do anything wrong. And instead of saying something to her that night I would have "accidently" spilled my drink on her. My bright red, sticky, ruins clothes drink. Muuhaahaaahaaa....

  2. I absolutely love this dress on you! and the earrings are the icing on the cake. I hate F21's customer service policy in general. I hate being looked down on by girls half my age. But you are right... I still love that store.

    I just love that you went up to the manager at the bar - that is something I totally would have done if my husband couldn't have dragged me out of the bar fast enough!

  3. ps, midwest blogger meet up? Hello!?!? YES!

  4. wow...i probably would have freaked out on them in the store and would end up being banned from there. fyi i really really hate that store. i feel like its so hard to find stuff because its so jammed packed and everything is randomly put in place. also trying to steer a stroller is impossible!

    fyi i totally took your advice and got the target brand spanx the other day and love them! thanks for the tip!

  5. Ugh! That is terrible customer service. I wonder if that girl has a manager above her that you could complain to. She needs to learn a lesson! >:o

  6. That's awesome that you went up to the manager - I'm the person that always thinks of some perfect retort after the fact, so that's great that you took your second chance!

  7. you look great in the dress! i will never walk by f21 without envisioning some sniffery at the counter.

  8. girl, you are just way too cute! :)

  9. Retail attitude drives me absolutely nuts!! That's quite a story! At least you ended up looking absolutely adorable - love all the bright pinks here, so summery & cute!

  10. Retail attitude drives me absolutely nuts!! That's quite a story! At least you ended up looking absolutely adorable - love all the bright pinks here, so summery & cute!

  11. I would have said something, that is just me. And if she acts like that she takes the risk of being seen in public and called on her behavior!

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