Friday, July 23, 2010


erin's house.
anytime i tell piper that we have to run errands,
she thinks we're running to erin's.
each stop we make, she asks, "is this erin's house?"
"no sweetie. erin doesn't live at the thrift store."

this is what i wore erin-running...

head-to-toe: j.crew


  1. GREAT Outfit!!!! Where in the world do you store your 5 lbs!

  2. She is so cute! She can come to this Erin's house anytime :)

  3. I die at the cute-ness. Love the bracelets!

  4. Oh my word...had the same scenario with Bennett yesterday. We ran one errand and he asked me at least 4 times when we were going to Uncle Aaron's house?

  5. Cute bracelets! When I was little, I thought my mom ran "Erins" too. And because my name is Erin, I also assumed that other mommies ran whatever their child's name was. So my best friend Nick's mom ran "Nicks" instead of "Erins" :)


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