Monday, July 12, 2010


ashley's packing heat.
ashley and i go way back. waaaaay back. i think we were 5 years old when our parents first worked together at a summer camp in wisconsin. anyway, she is off to florida for a little vacay and asked me to help her pack a week's worth of clothes into a carry-on.
i have a few rules when trying to pack lightly for a trip:

1. pick a color scheme. this helps narrow down shoes & accessories.
2. most things should serve double-duty. pj's can also be a beach cover-up. work-out clothes can also be pj's. a dress can also be tucked in as a shirt. a sarong can be a skirt or a scarf or a wrap or... a turban! there are lots of ways to get creative.
3. wear your bulkiest items on the plane. i know you want to be comfy and cute on the plane ride, but also consider the space in your carry-on that you'll save if you don your sweatshirt and jeans (if you're bringing such things.) you can always remove those items once you find your seat.

now, back to ashley...
a few things that guided this packing list are: her body type (curvy), her height (petite), and the fact that it will be freaking hot in florida.
i started with a basic palette of black, white, and grey; and added pops of pink, purple, and yellow. each top can be worn with either bottom and the two dresses can be worn casually or dressy, depending on the shoes and jewelry. there are 2 statement necklaces and either one can be worn with almost everything. one funky pair of earrings and one basic. for shoes, she has yellow sandals for fun, black flip-flops for the beach, gray sandals that go with everything, and cute toms for times when they may be doing a lot of walking. (disney world???) all in all, i think this is a pretty great suitcase. i'm really jealous of the toms and the teeny-striped tank dress--i may have to put them on my own wish list!
 have a fantastic time in florida, ashley!!!
send us a postcard--or at least an outfit pic when you return!


  1. the perfect set up... love all the options!

  2. Just finished up my online shopping spree ... I cannot wait to have these treasures show up on my doorsteps in 7-10 days :) .. I did end up finding a bandeau one piece in black for only 35 bucks and since the TOMs are back ordered until late August i splurged on a new pair of ray bans ... Thanks again! I'll be sure to send you some pictures!!

  3. ooooh awesome! sad about the toms, but perfect choice on the sunglasses.

  4. those are such great summer finds!

    (that profile picture of you is just so so sweet. I love that!)


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