Tuesday, July 20, 2010


an extra five.
i've gained at least five pounds this summer.
i always do. i know most people lose weight in the summer. but for me, summer brings a laid-back attitude and lots of fun. and my kind of fun involves eating. i know the psychology behind that is far from healthy
five pounds up, five pounds down, i guess.
i'm a perpetual fluctuator. i'll lose the five come winter when everything is sad and dreary and you have to work-out just to stay warm.
i bring the whole weight thing up because, though gaining an extra five pounds was really fun, finding a spot for those pesky pounds in my wardrobe isn't.
i need to get my butt into gear and out of spanx. actually, i think all women, regardless of weight or size, should own spanx. target has a great off-brand called assets. they're much cheaper but just as good at keepin' the jiggles at bay. an asset a day keeps the jiggles away. or something like that...

i can't remember how to bring this full circle into what i wore today.
i got way off-track when i started talking about the ol' l.b.'s.
(that's what they always call pounds on E!news.)
i guess it makes them sound cute and friendly.
like the nice, new girl on the Hills.
can't you just hear ryan seacrest?
"has kim k. packed on a few l.b's since she & the reg-meister took a trip to splitsville?!!?!" 

anyway, here i am with my extra five...
cardigan: forever 21, $15
t-shirt: j.crew, $9
pants: j.crew: $20
shoes: franco sarto, gift from mr.a
locket: gift from my bestest
wooden bangle: f21, $5

p.s. let me clarify: i'm not complaining about my body or size. after waaaay too many years of being super-critical of myself, i've learned to give my bod some slack. (five pounds of slack. each and every summer. ha!)
i refuse to beat myself up over it. but i also know that i feel better when i eat right and get consistent exercise. which i have not been doing lately.
so, this is more of a personal acknowledgment that i should probably cut back on the late-night snacking sesh's with mr.a so i can button my pants again.
i love that man's snacking habits, but i abhor his metabolism.
and by "abhor" i mean covet.


  1. Love the shoes, love it all! Those 5 little "l.b.'s" have nothing on you! I will say I am the opposite, gain 5 in the winter, shed (or sweat) it in the summer. I'm with you on the late night snacks though... is there anything better?

  2. Hmmm....I don't see those 5 "l.b's" on you, but I do sympathize. I'm also a Summer gainer. I blame my extreme ice cream addiction.
    Question: do you wear your Spanx/Assets on a daily basis under normal clothes? I have several pairs for special occasions, but they just seem too constricting and hot for every day wear. (And I'm no stranger to binding, hot clothes - my job requires me to wear suits and nylons, even in the summer.)

  3. d.k.m: i admit, i do not wear them under everyday wear. especially in the hot summer months. but, under a dress (especially a stretchy knit that settles on everything)? yes. and under dress pants? yes. if it's too hot or constricting to wear full-on spanx, i think a well-made pair of undies can also do a body good. i have a terrible habit of buying cheap-o cotton undies from target. i'm TRYING to cut myself off. they just end up stretched-out or shrunk-up or (don't tell anyone) holey. and they do nothing for a saggy bum.

  4. Love your outfit! Where did your friend get the adorable necklace?

  5. I absolutely love the shoes. Mr. A has good taste.
    Your blog is great!! How are you finding your amazing jcrew clothes at those prices??


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