Saturday, July 17, 2010


the other day we were at the west glen fountains; an outdoor space with fountains for kids to splash in, right in the middle of a shopping area.
(local moms: have you been there? it's fantastic! the perfect multitasking playdate. if you're really smart you leave your kid at the fountains while you run to target. uh, just kidding.) anyway, after the girls splashed around for a while, we decided to go around the corner to plato's closet for a little thrifting adventure. (everything is an adventure when you're toting two kids.)
thrift stores are generally not the most kid-friendly shopping option. especially a place like plato's closet where the average employee age is 17. i was looking for shorts, but had no luck. so we started looking through dresses. i tried a million things on (interrupted by an impromptu nursing session for quinn in the dressing room) and had given up. i was pretty annoyed that we had wasted all that time, only to leave empty-handed. but just as we were walking out the door, i spotted a dress in the window with all of my favorite colors. i had an employee get it down for me, and (without even trying it on) bought it on the spot. and....drumroll please......
i'm in love.

it's my perfect summer dress: lightweight, bright colors, flattering fit.
i loooove the pattern and all the color. i wore it the next day out to dinner with friends and i have to say--i felt awesome. it's just my prefect summer dress. (did i say that already?)
so the thrifting adventure ended with a hidden treasure.
well worth the search.

dress: billabong, thrifted, $14
necklace: forever 21, $5
purse: banana republic, $25
sandals: j.crew, $12


  1. super cute... it looks adorable on you and I love the bright sandals and clutch! Perfect!

  2. you are just so darn adorable! i love the whole thing...especially paired with the hammock. looks so summery & relaxed!

  3. I am literally dying over your pictures. LOVE. Miss you!

  4. Super cute dress! I just saw a pic of Kimberly McCullough of General Hospital wearing it and thought of you. Love this blog! You are adorable!


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