Monday, July 12, 2010


dating tips.
as i mentioned, friday night we went out for pizza with some guys in mr.a's platoon. for some reason i could not figure out what to wear. you know when you have a certain look in mind, but it just won't come together? since this was technically a date night, i wanted to look sexy (but not slutty) and cute (but not cutesy).  and since we were going for beer & pizza, i wanted to wear something with room to eat. (ha!) after trying on a few different outfits (and making mr.a wait for 20 minutes), i ended up with something pretty plain. but, it turned out to be a big hit. more on that later.
uh...that sounds weird. i promise this won't go into tmi-territory.

adding last-minute earrings.
i don't have eye makeup on in these pictures. i always leave eye makeup last in my makeup ritual. so when i'm running late, i do it in the car. sometimes while driving. don't tell.  
cardi: j.crew
tank: target
belt: j.crew
jeans: paige via gilt
flip-flops: j.crew
earrings: banana
clutch: thrifted

so... not the most exciting outfit ever. right?
well, after pizza, we met up with another army buddy downtown. as we walked towards court avenue, i started to feel really out of place. every girl i saw was wearing high heels and high hemlines. i was really wishing i'd worn a dress.
however (listen up single ladies!) i got a ridiculous amount of attention for the rest of the night. it was pretty warm so i took off my cardigan, but compared to most of the girls in the bars, i was still showing about 73% less skin.
the first place we went, i was just people-watching and all of a sudden i see this guy is staring at me. i totally did the glance-around, "who, me?" thing. then i figured i just had spinach in my teeth and he was tipping me off.
but, no! he was totally giving me the head-nod/eyebrow raise!
so i laughed. but just out of sheer amazement! the married-mom-of-two isn't usually the one turning heads. by the end of the night, i had probably said the words, "thanks, but i'm happily married" like, 8 times as i waved my left hand and clung to mr.a.

this italian guy even said, "you just stand out! and i can tell you did not spend three hours on your hair." i'm not sure if that last bit was a compliment or not... but, i was flattered. 

the reason i say all this is just to point out: a short skirt and cleavage isn't the only way to attract a guy. sometimes confidence and comfort are all you need!

but if you're reading this and married? bust out that short skirt or a li'l cleavage for your man! flirt with him! hit on him! give him the ol' head-nod/eyebrow-raise. a little flirting (and maybe a good butt-slap) goes a long way.


  1. you are TOO cute... love this post and I totally agree. Being yourself at the bar is going to get you a lot more attention than all the other fake girls! And I'm always up for a good butt-slap! Ha!

  2. That's hilarious! Way to go hot stuff!! (and funny, when i saw the first outfit pic i was thinking, that's super cute. probably cause its something i would wear :)

  3. I absolutely adore you and wish I could actually get to know you more!

    I will say this post made me laugh out loud cause you are happily married to my cousin and that last paragraph made me giggle :P



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