Friday, July 02, 2010


becca's tat-covering wedding look.
i've known becca for probably 10 years. we used to go to concerts together and one time we rode with some older gals all the way to iowa city where a new mall was opening.and then we ate dinner at chi-chi's. (do you remember that becca??) but i have to admit, at this point in life, i don't know a whole lot about her. (but since she reads this tornado-of-tmi that i call my blog, she probably knows a lot about me!)
what i do know is that she has a wedding coming up and gave me an interesting challenge: to find her an outfit that won't show off her tattoos. they are mostly on her legs, so instantly i thought of a maxi dress. but then i was really drawn to the maxi skirt. i like that you could hike it up a bit to highlight a small waist and distract from the dreaded butt/hips area--not that you have any trouble there, becca!
i love these three looks so much--i may have convinced myself to go maxi!

have fun at the wedding, becca!

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  1. I love it! It was an unusual request, I rarely attempt to cover them up but its a very 'fancy' wedding and its just easier to not show them then have people glare at you all evening! :)

    I had actually been looking at the maxi dress, I love the maxi skirt. These are awesome ideas, they seriously help a ton! Thank you thank you!

    I think I do remember that? Vaguely haha. I have been trying to keep up with my blog but I am not exactly awesome at it. I have started trying some new outfit ideas, I thought about posting them for advice and such!

    Thanks again so much, love your style !!


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