Friday, July 09, 2010


things that have been in my head today:

sometimes i just want to smooch my babies forever & ever until they have to pull my hair and poke me in the eye to get me to stop. smoochsmoochsmooch. they are occasionally i'll just stare and get totally lost in how pure and beautiful their skin is. untainted by sun or time or bad habit... just soft and supple and oh-so-smoochable. okay, okay, enough with the smoochy stuff. sorry. i just feel like my babies are growing up and growing old and
i want to smoochsmoochsmooch them

while they'll still let me. okay, i promise, that's the last of the smoochiness.  

you may not realize this, but the reason i put piper's hair up in those adorable little buns is actually to hide the rat's nest of knot that often ends up in her fine, blonde curls. the girl must rub her head back & forth all night long to get it as tangled and matted and knotted as she does. no lies, she seriously wakes up every morning looking like the offspring of this guy:

curlz in front, craze in back.
unfortunately, she also hates having her hair washed or even combed. so up in the pony it goes. every day. but, yesterday, an oriental trading company catalog arrived and she was in desperate need of a hair-combing. it had been at least a week (that's me being veeeerrrry generous so you guys don't report me to DHS. it had probably been more like 2ish weeks) since her last hair-combing and we were going to some friends' for dinner (who always have very neat hair) so i thought it was time to take it on. i gave her the oriental trading co. catalog to distract her while i combed through her dreads curls. after 20 minutes i got through most of the mess while she looked at jumbo-packs of plastic leis, multi-colored kazoos and "lordy, lordy look who's 40!" balloons. her hair looked so pretty and shiny and smooth. i continued to brush it and said, "see? isn't it nice to have your hair brushed?"
and (pay attention, this is the whole point of the story) she said:
"yeah! it is nice! it's like a warm cup of hot chocolate."
wow. kids are just so.... weird and awesome.

today i read a nice article about how the violence in afghanistan is heightening and how more people are probably gonna die there.
thanks, des moines register.
that's totally how i wanted to start off my weekend.

have you ever played carpet-ball?
oh man.
friends of ours recently built a table for their backyard after their kids returned from summer camp hooked on the game. we were over there last night and once i got started--i couldn't stop. i may have even did a little trash-talkin' to a 7-year old. whatever. i'm totally justified. he said he'd never been beat by a girl. i made sure to change that.

well, that was one big load of random.
to totally change the subject: what are you guys doing this weekend?
mr.a & i are going out for beer & pizza with some of his army buddies tonight and then tomorrow we are going to "winestock" at dale valley winery. great music, food, and wine all day. it should be a fun day outdoors.

have a great weekend!!!


  1. I have the same issue with my hair, but I found this spray in conditioner/detangler that smells amazing and its like 8 bucks. I got it at Ulta, I spray it in my hair every day and it is amazing. I also found out that you can leave conditioner in hair over night, which is weird but works wonders.
    So if Piper ever decides she likes getting her hair washed its worth a shot!

  2. My daughter gets the worst tangles too :(

    Loved all of this random goodness, except the part about Afghanistan... prayers for you and your husband for safety and peace!

  3. I was a tangly-haired kid, and my mom made liberal use of detangling spray.

    Also, "Winestock" sounds awesome.

  4. Nice to meet you, fellow mother of a curly girly with uncontrollable hair. I CANNOT get a comb through the back of Scarlett's hair to save my life. The front is adorable and ringletty (that is a word - I just made it one), and the back is like Gene Wilder. Seriously - She has got some Willy Wonka goin on back there. It is also a fight to let me wash it everytime. Ugh. It's a good thing she is so cute, otherwise, we'd be in big trouble.


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