Tuesday, July 06, 2010


the big 1-0-0.
one hundred followers? seriously, people?
i am not. that. interesting.
but i'm so glad you think so!
when i first started this little blog i didn't tell anyone. my own sister didn't even know i had a blog until i'd been doing it for probably 9 months! but, little-by-little i realized how much i enjoy this thing and i really want to make it enjoyable for you guys, too! i'm still (seriously) amazed that anyone reads this. but i'm totally honored and i love you guys!!! i have every comment you've ever left memorized.
okay, that's a lie. but i love your comments & feedback. thanks for all the love you guys send my way. i know my mom and sister have bullied all their friends into reading this, so, thanks to you two! this is the closest i'll ever get to an oscar speech, so i'm gonna take my time... thanks to my fourth-grade teacher, mrs. boyes, who gave me special reading assignments and told me that the sequel i wrote to the 3 little pigs was good enough to be published! (obviously that's where i learned my lying skills, too.) and thanks to my high school english teacher, miss steinbach, who always busted me when i slacked off (or was late to class, or had my uniform untucked, or was chewing gum...) and told me to keep writing. i took her advice, quit school, and now i have two kids and a blog! wink. i know she's proud of me. (and i promise to go back to school. as soon as my kids do.)

so, after all that pomp and circumstance...
i'm having my first giveaway!!!
this blog encompasses a lot of subjects, but one of my biggest passions is helping women dress their best. for their lifestyle, body type, and personal style. that does not mean the same thing for everyone. so, in honor of that, i'm giving away this fantastic book!

it is full of advice on everything from the classics to the trends, from basic outfit planning to accessorizing. this stuff doesn't come naturally to everyone, so there's nothing wrong with doing a little research!

here's how to win...
1. all followers are welcome to participate.
(not a follower? just click that little button up the on left and join the party!)
2. just leave a comment. any ol' comment.
3. include some way for me to contact you.
(blog, e-mail, phone number, address, social security number...)
4. and on friday i'll randomly pick & post the winner!

good luck, lovies!


  1. oh and i get to the be the first entry!


    I WOULD LOVE THIS! From one young mom to another- I love your blog!

  2. EKEKEKEKEKEKEK! I am so excited for you!! 100 is huge & first giveaway, double huge!


  3. Congrats!! 100 is awesome! I need heeeelp, Id LOVE this book :)


  4. woohoo! congrats on 100 followers!


  5. Who congratulations! Thats awesome and you shouldn't be surprised your blog is hilarious, entertaining and helpful!
    email: beccaiversen@gmail.com

  6. Awesome! sonja[at]sonjakelly[dot]com. www.sonjakelly.com

    Congrats on the big one-oh-oh!


  7. Congrats! I'm an old Mom and not very fashionable but I love your blog and love the way you write! I also love the pics of the beautiful girls...

    Susan at smnass@yahoo.com

  8. YAY for 100!! You are a total rock star!!! I am so excited for you!!

  9. Would love this book! Can always use some fun tips! And congrats on reaching 100 followers - that's awesome!

    Small Time Style

  10. Yay to 100 followers! I am hopefully not too far behind, fellow IT list supporter (and am planning my own giveaway once we hit 100)! I'd love to receive a copy of zee book - I loves me some InStyle wardrobe advice!


    merciblahblah at gmail.com

  11. HI! I'm officially de-lurking! Since I've been reading your lovely blog since last summer!!! I love reading about your fashion/family/the nitty gritty! A way to get in contact with me is at the blog or email: http://aminnesotalife.wordpress.com or aminnesotalife@gmail.com! Thanks again for your blog :)

  12. Okay okay so I love your blog. I'm just a friend of a friend.


  13. that's great Bethany!!! You have my email address......I truly love your blog and feel like even tho' I don't get to see all of you very often, that I know you and the girls better. I hate that thought of Seth leaving....

  14. congrats on 100 followers! so exciting!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  15. I was not roped into reading this blog by anyone. I chose to read it on my own accord. That has to count for something, right???

  16. Congrats on 100! You've got a great blog...I've read for a while and finally clicked the follow button. Looks like a great book!


  17. Congratulations on 100! xx



  18. Love your blog!!


  19. congrats! i have been loving your blog for some time now!
    boon1211 at gmail dot com

  20. Love your blog! Keesia just started a blog and it seems the two of you are always in the same place in Des Moines, surprised you haven't run into each other. See you at the next bash at Uncle and Aunt A's farm.

  21. i love instyle! i would love to check out this book.

    and my social security number is...

    heh heh, but my email is: lhirshfi at gmail dot com

  22. What?!?!?!?! 100 followers and a give away? I'm in! Congrats! I even have my 61 year old mom following your blog. Keep it comin'!

  23. Yay..happy 100 followers! I am a follower:)


  24. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog! And I read it all the way in Japan! Ha! :)


  25. Good for you, Bethany! 100 followers is awesome! It's definitely fun to read through all your creative input and ideas! You clearly inspire! :)


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  27. i love your blog, bethany. you have so many great ideas.... it's so cute and just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when i read it. =)
    abstebbins at gmail dot com

  28. Yay for giveaways!! I could totally use this book and/or you coming to my house and helping me with my wardrobe :) Your house looks great too and I love the colors and the red door!

  29. Yours is the only blog I follow, I just "lurk" on others!

    Pick me, pick me!!


  30. Congrats! I love your blog and talk to the gals at work about it often:)

    Joni;) <><


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