Thursday, July 29, 2010


she woke at her normal time and snuggled in for her first meal of the day. she didn't know that this day was different. she didn't know that this day was special. that she was one year old on this day. as she ate, i held her close and whispered tales of a brave soldier and his young maiden, of their long journey across a dark sea to a sun-filled sky; all for the birth of a precious babe.

the child was born quickly. a dark whirlwind of power and pain.
but as the darkness faded to light, the calm began and the gift of the precious babe began to spread. the babe was quiet, mild. she knew when to smile and when to sleep. when to hush and when to coo. some even said she exuded an inner peace.
soon the brave soldier was called away. the young maiden wrote page after page detailing their days, hoping to bring him back into their world. their hearts were heavy, but the precious babe brought elation to the firstborn and joy to the maiden's heart.
it was as if she were a promise of the young man's return.
but the days grew long and the nights lonely, until one day, the brave soldier finally returned. they welcomed him with guarded embrace, but as he looked past the tears in their weary eyes, he saw a glimmer of hope.
the joy that the precious babe had given was still there and he knew that her birth was truly a gift. the precious babe did not know that her life would have such purpose so soon, but the brave soldier and the young maiden would never forget.

as i softly sang "happy birthday," i thanked God for this precious babe.
for her eyes and her smile. for the joy and peace that He gives me through her.
the next year of her life will be different than most. her daddy will be composed of words and pictures rather than time and memories. on her next birthday she will have spent only six of her twenty-four months with our brave soldier.

but i will continue the tales as we continue the journey.



  1. Cute! I didn't realize she was so close in age to baby J!

  2. so precious! love the family pics...your family is so adorable.

    our prayers are with you guys through this next year. Godspeed to the brave solider. the world is a better place with you guys in it.

    lots of love.

  3. Awww this brought tears to my eyes! Here's hoping this year goes quickly!

  4. Such beautiful pictures and lovely writing - keep it up and you will reap the rewards....

  5. beautiful Bethany. Love it.

  6. Oh guys have been in my heart and prayers these last few weeks. Know that we are and will continue to diligently pray for your sweet family!

  7. Adorable outfit and photo! I enjoy your blog, keep up the good work!


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