Wednesday, July 14, 2010


we introduced some new friends to the hessen haus beer boot.
72 ounces of beer in a glass boot. yes, it is meant to be shared. and there are even rules to make it that much more fun challenging to consume!
1. the boot must never touch the table.
2. the boot must be passed clockwise.
3. the toe of the boot must always face out.
4. you must not splash while drinking from the boot.
5. you must flick the boot after each drink.
6. whoever finishes the boot must buy the next boot.
if you break any of the rules, you have to drink again. it's pretty fun.
as long as you're not a germaphobe.

after a boot or two, we snuck away for a minute...
please excuse my bedroom eyes. those were meant for mr.a.
i just love a romantic boot-sharing session.

i forgot to bring my purse for the pictures. and it was my main accessory!
but here it is in all it's bright-woven-summery glory...
belt: thrifted
wedges: tj maxx
purse: forever 21
earrings: super-old, maybe f21?


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