Friday, July 23, 2010


the first surprise.
last night was mr.a's first surprise. i was nervous that somehow it would end up spoiled (because there were about 60 people in on it), but it ended up being a huge success!
mr.a is deploying with one of our best friends. they are in the same squad and will be together for the next year. his wife, alana, helped me plan the party for our boys. well, by "plan" i mean we just invited a bunch of friends down to raccoon river brewery for beer and pizza. and last-minute alana brought some cute decorations, too! the guys had been sneakily invited there by mr.a's brother for a few beers. all the while we were waiting upstairs in the swanky pool hall.
we all cheered as they walked in and mr.a was truly surprised.
i had never thrown a surprise party--it was so fun!
i now think all parties should be surprise parties.
we drank great beer, ate gourmet pizza, and spent one of our last evenings with our dearest friends. unfortunately i didn't take any decent pictures because i was having too much fun!


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