Thursday, July 15, 2010


last weekend we attended dale valley winery's annual winestock festival.
we packed a fantastic picnic (fancy cheeses, meats, crackers, chocolate strawberries) and sampled different wines throughout the day.

it was a warm day...
 but tents' shade and cold drinks gave just enough relief.
piper ran free...
and eventually found a friend.
(whose mother obviously combs her hair and requires clothing in public.)
quinn spent the day snacking...

mr.a & i played frisbee...
and made new friends.
dale valley is so lush and green...
the perfect place to spend a summer day outdoors.


  1. I know this is random Miss B.A BUT, I was shopping in Old Navy this afternoon, and i was looking through the clearance (to SCORE some good deals)then i saw it (and said out loud) THAT'S A BETHANY ARGANBRIGHT SKIRT!!! Sadly, this makes me a silly stalker, but it is a lot like your i-can-wear-with-anything-pink-skirt-and-be-100%-comfortable!! I will take a pic of it soon(actually both, it was so perfect i bought TWO). Thanks for the inspiration!!!:)

  2. yay!!! way to go! can't wait to see it!

  3. oh my. quinn practically looks like a teenager in her jeans! (and piper, a hippie teenage boy. just kidding.)

  4. haha, yeah! like ryder (kate hudson's ryder).


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