Tuesday, July 06, 2010


i heart des moines. part deux.
another fantastic event that des moines hosts each year is the 80/35 music festival.
it's a two-day event featuring a lot of great indie music, some hip-hop, and usually a couple of big-name headliners. this was the third year (i think...) and each year they continue to grow and add new attractions. we didn't even purchase tickets for the main stage, but outside of that area there were tons of vendors, a craft market, a kids area, and a couple of free stages. it was such a beautiful day--but HOT.
we took piper to the kids area and right away she made a friend at the bounce house...

then i realized his dad was a friend of mine from high school who i hadn't seen in probably 8 or 9 years! (another reason i heart des moines--it's just a big, small town.)
we met up with our music-lovin' buddies, mr.t and miss k.
piper snapped this shot...

katie looked so cute and sunny :

this guy looked cute and smokey :
we danced...

and hula'd...

and picnic'd...

it was such a fun day.



  1. Hey! I think I have the same sunglasses that the smokey guy is wearing. Hehe. Looks like a really good time.

  2. it was sooooo much fun! good times! :)

  3. who was the gentleman that you went to high school with? i might know him:)

  4. it was chris simmons! did you know him? he went to dmc and then jhs. he was a year ahead of katie...i think.

  5. I love the pic of you and Piper dancing and she's trying to mimic your feet. Sooo cute... I want one.. wait... no... not yet ;)


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