Thursday, July 01, 2010


june showers brings july...
freaking-awesome weather.
sorry i bailed on you this week. after about a month of rain and humidity, we have had gooorgeous weather. in the midwest, perfect weather happens about 3 times a year, so we have to live it up and spend every waking moment outside! here we are, missing you:
 the ONE waking moment we spent inside this week.
that's a lie. this is a random picture from like, 2 months ago.


i've also been staying really busy paying people to paint, re-roof, and clean my house. yes, really. it was like extreme homemakover. except it was more like "move that minivan!" and i guess we forgot to go on a disney vacation. and ty wasn't there in all his spikey-haired glory. oh, and now i'm broke. but it was all a huge surprise for mr.a (especially the clean house) and it was really fun to see him do a doubletake when he pulled in the driveway. he was really excited and i'm so thankful to everyone that helped me pull it off! pictures will be posted as soon as i paint the front door. 


this week i also attended an eclipse pre-party complete with "team edward" (that's me!) and "team jacob" necklaces, plastic fangs, and twilight trivia. after the party we attended the midnight showing of the movie and it was amazing! well, at least all the parts i was awake for. i'm too old for midnight movies. hell, i'm too old for 10:00 movies. i'm sticking with matinees from now on!how hot and in-love do these two look??


i'll try to get back to regular posting a-sap, but if you're going through withdrawals you can listen to some past posts on 1040 WHO newsradio this saturday, june 3rd at 2:00! america's family coaches is doing a one-hour program focused on military marriages and i'm honored to be a part of the show!

i also have my DIY shoes to reveal, plus a giveaway coming up for followers, and some great shopstyle looks to reveal for bekah, heidi, and katie! i need to get my blogging butt in gear!


  1. Wow girl, you have been busy! I have been wondering where you have been... and now your husband is home! Hooray! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. yes, please get that blogbutt in gear! :) you are too cute. can't wait for the big reveal! but....don't blog too much! spend all those prech moments with mr. a!!!


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