Wednesday, July 07, 2010


remember these anthro shoes i wanted to copy?
well, they didn't quite turn out how i envisioned, but not bad for my first try. 

i started with a pair of $5 sneaks from walmart:

i left them out in the yard for about a week to fade them:
then i took a steak knife and some scissors to them:
and then i "painted" them with bleach:
and let them dry.

then i put them in the washing machine on the shortest cycle
(without detergent) to get the bleach out.

and let them dry again:
i went a little overboard on the bleach because i couldn't tell if it was working.
note to self: hold your crazy-horses. bleach takes more than 15 seconds to work.
so... they kinda look like a tie-dyed saddle oxford.
light on the toes and heels, dark in the middle.
i think next time i will go for more of a splattered look, or maybe even dip-dyed. it'd be cool to have them get progressively lighter at the toe. i also went a little crazy on some t-shirts while i had the ol' clorox out. i'll post those later.

after all that work, the shoes are actually a teensy bit small on me, so watch for them in my shop! wait...what? i don't have a shop? i thought all bloggers had an etsy shop.  
note to self: get in on that etsy action.


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