Wednesday, June 09, 2010


ali's garden wedding.

ali writes,
"i'm going to a wedding in about two weeks. i know that i'm wearing this dress in navy blue. but i don't know how i should accessorize it. it's a garden wedding in my cousin's backyard in [the midwest]. hopefully the weather is mild and the mosquitoes aren't out that day!"

i was happy to help ali fancy-up her dress for the upcoming wedding!
i've been to many-a midwest-wedding and i know they are usually H-O-T! so, i didn't want ali to have to mess with a cardigan, jacket, or even a belt! (yes, it seriously gets that hot here; too hot for belts.) inspired by the garden theme, i stuck with fun jewelry options at a variety of price points. and each outfit comes in at around $50, $75, or $100.

(excluding the dress, which ali already has.)
ali's light wedding look:
ali's bright wedding look:
have a fantastic time at the wedding, ali!
let us know what you choose to wear, and be sure to send pictures!
i hope you feel faaaabulous!
p.s. readers: click on the pics to view more detail!
p.p.s: need help with an outfit? e-mail me!


  1. I love all the combinations!! I can't wait to go shopping. Thanks so much!

  2. Bethany! I need your amazing stylist help. I have a wedding the weekend of July 4th. I have NO idea what to wear. I have leg tattoos that I really dont want to be seen. So tights? I dont know. haha. You just always wear the absolute cutest things ever so maybe you have ideas?

  3. i'd love to help, becca! i think we can come up with something besides tights! :)

  4. Pretend I am whispering: I hope she goes "bright". Not that I don't like "light".

  5. haha I know! I just dont really even know where to start. I know its kind of random and difficult to help over the internet, but just basically ideas other than tights! haha.


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