Wednesday, June 23, 2010


casual wednesday.
today i started a new job. one in which i actually need to leave the house on occasion. i feel very fortunate because, ultimately, it's doing something i love: blogging! i get to do before & afters, interviews, and trend reporting for an iowa-based cabinet company.* 

so, today i needed to photograph a kitchen and do a brief interview.
this is how i imagined a professional blogger would dress. it just so happens to be exactly how i dress. but i added the sweet wooden box purse as my "briefcase."
it holds all a professional blogger's necessities. least all my necessities:
sunnies, camera, phone and wallet.
don't worry, i will probably tire of referring to myself as a professional blogger by the end of this sentence.


tunic: j.crew, $10
shorts: diy cut-offs, $28
scarf: gift
espadrilles: target, $15
box purse: vintage, gift from grandear

*my in-laws actually own one of woodharbor's design studios and they specialize in creating beautiful kitchens and baths. that's how i scored this sweet gig!
or it may be because of my sweet briefcase... not sure.


  1. can i just say that i think you are cool? there. i said it. :)

    you are!

  2. you look just like I think a professional blogger would look! :) I am a little jealous that you get to leave the house for some "work"!

  3. The in law thinks you scored the job because you are really really great at blogging and she knows you will do a tremendous job!!

  4. I want to sneak into your house and pilfer that bird box bag. Me loves it!!!

  5. Yes, you look just like a professional blogger. Very cool!
    LOVE that purse/box - so pretty!
    Congrats on your new job!


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