Sunday, June 27, 2010


when my best friend said she was going to be in town for the art festival, i knew exactly what i would wear. drumroll please...
a romper.
yep. i romped it. hopped on that bandwagon and i'm not lookin' back. it was lightweight, cool, and comfy. perfect for a hot day. 

and nary a camletoe was seen.
luckily, since this is iowa, i only saw two other girls rompin' it.
okay, that's a lie. i saw one woman in her earlyish 40's wearing one but (sorry this is mean...) it was a little less "statement" and a little more "accident."
there may have also been a fanny-pack involved.

romper: forever 21, $14.50
belt: thrifted, $4
sandals: urban outfitters, $20
hat: target, $15
sunglasses: rayban, gift


  1. I love this look! I went to F21 a few weeks back and tried on just about every romper and none of them fit/worked. I didn't see this one though... may have to make a trip back!

  2. I absolutely love rompers. I have about 5 of them haha. TJ Maxx and Marshalls have been my best places to find them, I wore one of mine to the Art Festival as well and saw only one other girl wearing one, and it was the kind you wear to the beach, so I felt good about my choice. love it!

  3. looks good with the hat & sunnies!

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