Friday, June 25, 2010


my head is with mr.a
oh, i just meant figuratively, you silly geese.
is said head looking tired? well, it is.
that stinker needs to come home so i can stop waiting for him to tuck me in and smooch me goodnight. i guess it's not just the kiddos that get stuck in a bedtime routine...

anyway. let's talk about the goodness of this skirt. it is so plain and practical. i just love it. if i could sew i would make 8 of them. this one is kind of a coral chambray so it has just a wee bit of texture and of course the pockets are lovely. i'm pretty sure i can wear it with every shirt i own. except maybe three of them. i mentally counted.

but for today i paired it with this pretty t-shirt...
and these pretty earrings...

and these pretty bracelets...
t-shirt: j.crew, $24
skirt: target, $15
earrings: gift from my sis 
turquoise striped bracelet: garage sale, 25 cents
others: j.crew $4 each
sandals: gap, sooooo old


  1. Ooohh, I like this one a lot. So cute and comfy looking!

  2. this is my kinda outfit! LOVE!

  3. Love everything about it! Especially the perfect!

    p.s. he'll be home soon!

  4. Love this outfit! Going to go scope out my Tar-jay and see if they have that skirt!


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