Wednesday, June 16, 2010


ooooh, look at that steely gaze. me and my garden gate mean business.
unfortunately my camera died before i could get any other shots of this outfit, so this is all i have for ya.

t-shirt: j.crew, $10
peach tank: j.crew, $8
black twill pants: j.crew, $30
sandals: urban outfitters, $20
bangles: forever 21, $3 and $7
hat: forever 21, $5

are you sick of seeing me in hats yet? i at least added one to the rotation. i like that it kind of looks crocheted or something. good for summer. i found it at forever 21 for $4.99. (marked down from a hefty $9.50. love that place.)
i have been terrible about getting outfit pictures lately.
whenever mr.a is gone, the chaos at the homestead increases ten-fold and outfit pics are low on the totem pole. (i think i just referenced pioneers and indians in the same sentence.)

speaking of mr.a...i miss that ol' sonofagun.
(that's a cowboy reference.)


  1. I recognize that outfit. :) I like the hat even better in this pic.

  2. that was a hilarious little paragraph. don't you love it when those things just come to you? well done.
    (and good call on the prices. adds a nice dimension. oh, that was my idea you say?? gee willikers. I'm brilliant.)

    PS. I don't recall at the moment how to spell dimension.


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