Wednesday, June 09, 2010


rather than spend my lottery money on beautiful accesories from the sundance catalog, i decided to shop my closet for a similar look.
turquoise necklace: forever 21
coral necklace: a souvenir from a trip to italy, circa 2001
ring: present from mr.a for my 22nd birthday, we were in arizona
other ring: present from mr.a for our first anniversary, we were in colorado
(it's supposed to look like the bark on the aspen trees.)
 racerback tank: target
belt: j.crew
shorts: old navy boyfriend jeans, cut-off
sandals: gap (old...'04?)
i really wanted to rock my cowboy boots for a full-on sundance-catalog-vibe, but we were going to the park and i didn't want a weird, mid-calf tan line. unfortunately i applied my own sunscreen and ended up with weird tan lines anyway.
should've just worn the boots.


  1. very very cute... and very sundance-ish. I love the side braid! I am WILLING my hair to grow - it's taking forever!!!

  2. Bethany, I am amazed how you can remember the year of your purchases. always love reading about the outfits.

  3. ah! my favorite sandals that i "borrowed" for a year or so.

  4. adorable...LOVE the bling and shoes!

  5. You are so completely adorable! I love the whole outfit, especially the shoes. I've been to Sundance a lot when I lived in Utah & you totally capture the look! *the shoes are my favorite part!*

  6. Love the outfit, LOVE sundance!!!


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