Tuesday, June 08, 2010


formulaic fashion.

today should've been a shower day.
i was pushing the limit yesterday. but this morning i woke up late and only had 20 minutes to get ready. that's when it's nice to have a fall-back outfit (and dry shampoo). my fall-back outfits generally include a scarf, a stripe, a leopard print (shoes or scarf), my favorite jeans, and a top-layer (ie: jacket, cardigan, sweatshirt) to complete the look.
even though it may not sound as simple as leaving the house in your sweats, it works for me because i've done a hundred variations of this exact outfit.
i know i like the mixed patterns, and it's easy to pair just about any color with leopard print. if it's too warm for a scarf, a funky necklace works just as well.

scarf: target
tank: j.crew
cardigan: j.crew
jeans: paige
sandals: n.y.l.a via tj maxx
wood earrings: target
do you have a fall-back outfit?
if you don't--you should! it makes those rushed mornings a lot less stressful.
and hopefully it's something that is cute enough to distract everyone from the fact that you haven't washed your hair since saturday.
or... you know, whatever your circumstance might be.
i was searching through my picture files to show you some examples of other ways i have worn this formula, but i can't find any because (as i said) i always wear it on days i'm running late. which means, no time for pictures! 
but i did find something else:
i wore almost this exact same outfit when i was just starting to "show" in my pregnancy with quinn! hence my grouch face. it's a darker yellow cardigan, but i'm even wearing the same jeans! (unbuttoned with a rubberband, of course.)

i miss pregnant hair.
and having time to wash it.
and blow-dry.


  1. psssh...you make it sound so easy!

  2. UH-dor-a-ble! SO glad I found your blog from the It List!

  3. I just love the outfit and the ease of it all... you are too cute! Do you backcomb your hair when its up in the band? Its the perfect poof... just curious.

    Have a wonderful day :)


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