Tuesday, June 01, 2010


and the winner is...
look #1.
it was a landslide. look #1 was obama. look #2 was mccain. and look #3 was my homeboy ron paul. i was actually surprised by the outcome. i wasn't the most confident in obama. (and now we all know why. am i right?) but if oprah likes it, the people like it. and oprah would totally vote #1.

the graduation (and further festivities) was sunday evening. sunday morning we went to church and i wasn't ready to don the heels. so this is how i styled the dress for day:
cardigan: j.crew (the jackie)
dress: j.crew
ack! it's all j.crew!
the belt, the shoes...everything but the earrings!
which are banana republic.
after church was the baccalaureate service.
my dad was speaking and my sister (the grad) was singing. so i really wanted to be there. however, i was ready for a change. so this is what i wore mid-day:
belt: j.crew (aaah! more j.crew!)
watch: la mer
sandals: n.y.l.a via tj maxx

and then it was finally time for the graduation. it was sort of a shock to see my little sister graduate. she's always been the baby (there are 3 older kids in our family and then a 7-yr. gap, and the little sis) i guess i felt like she always would be! but now she's 18, graduated high school, and is headed to college! so, it was fun to celebrate her. the graduation itself was terribly boring (hearing 397 names announced takes a long time). but, we still had fun spending time together as a family.
after the graduation, we had dinner at centro. oh. yum.
it is one of our favorite places. seth and i parked by des moines' gorgeous sculpture garden, and enjoyed walking through it, making our way down to centro. there were many opportunities for good "outfit pics" so here they are:
at the sculpture garden...
on our way to dinner...
at centro...
cardigan: l.a. made
dress: j.crew
belt: j.crew
bangle:  f21
earrings: banana republic
shoes: bcbg
clutch: f21

good picks, guys!


  1. gorgeous! love your hair!!!

    i like the 3 different versions too! way to keep a outfit fresh all day long.

  2. Super cute! You have been rockin' the pony alot this summer!! Nice!!

  3. yes. it's because i HAVEN'T been rockin' the shower. about to take my first since saturday morning. yipes! don't be scared of my poor hygiene!

  4. Saw this linked from Sweet Pie Pumpkin Noodle- I adore the entire last look...the cropped black jacket is so perfect!

    :) Jaime

    PS: I have a giveaway going on!

  5. Wow, 3 outfits in one day? I can see why you wanted to switch it up, all the combos are so adorbs!


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