Tuesday, June 22, 2010


notes to self:

1.when mixed greens are 30% off....it's because they are 70% wilted.

2.you suck at painting your own nails. just. stop. trying.
apparently practice doesn't always make perfect.

3.you can never be satisfied by something you don't need.
(i learned that last night on the discovery health channel. so true...right?!!)

4.berries + babies = stains.

5.speaking of stains, you're out of oxiclean.

6.if you leave cabinet doors open, your are bound to hit your head/knee/shin/otherbodypart on them. and then cuss in front of your kids. you don't wanna do that. so just shut the &$(%*#ing doors! 

7.don't even think about getting a puppy. like, stop it. now.
i mean it!

 8.cleaning is your friend. but a cleaning lady is your best friend.

9.frank is the new jason mesnick. except not divorced. not a dad.
and not a tool.

10.if you enter target, you will spend $100. it's just the way it is. 


  1. If this was Facebook I would 'like' everything and then wish there was an 'amen, sister' button to push. ;)

  2. so funny. this reads like my notes to self. except for the jason mesnick one...i think i might be the only other girl besides molly that doesn't think he is a tool. i {heart} him & i don't even know why.

    ooohh...and we already have a puppy. maybe you could just dog sit for us & that would CURE you for SURE.

  3. I am so with you on 1/2/6/9/10!

    So true!

  4. I hear you on all of those but mostly the Target one. I've never left that damn store without spending $100. WHY TARGET, WHY!?!?!?!?!

  5. Hilarious! I Couldn't agree more about the target comment. I was just telling my friend the other day how everytime I go there, I always spend more than I had ever intended to!

  6. i agree with the "don't get a puppy" comment, he/she is super cute though! we have 2 english bulldogs and their home is in the backyard-- they're not allowed to enter our house, ever!!! :)

  7. looove Frank. Do you like Chris L?! If he is the next Bachelor.... I WILL BE APPLYING :)

  8. These are my favorite kinds of posts...lots of little tidbits. Kind of like my favorite meal to eat: lots of different appetizers!

    (just remember- adorable puppies turn into annoying dogs. also...i've whittled down my "I always spend $100 at target" to "I always spend $50". next time you're walking up to the checkout, just dump out half your cart :)

  9. uh, he totally is! but i do loooove kirk (i think i must have something for redheads), and chris is growing on me!!


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