Thursday, June 10, 2010


thankful thursday.
tonight mr.a leaves for three weeks of training. (ugh.)
so, i thought it apropriate that today's thankful thursday be dedicated to him.
in no certain order:
he puts the toilet seat down. he has mad carpentry skills. he gave me the go ahead to order this rug. he only pours me a half-cup of coffee because he knows i like it really hot and a full cup always ends up lukewarm before i finish it. he is soooo patient with me. he doesn't mind if we eat frozen pizza for dinner more than once a week. he thinks i'm funny. or at least he laughs at me. he thinks i'm a good wife even though sometimes i think he would've been better off with someone more normal. he actually understands or at least appreciates how ridiculously hard it is to be a mom. he empties the diaper pail. without even being asked! he pulls my gross hair out of the shower drain. even don't do that and it's all my hair! he sleeps in the exact same position every night. on his back, hands crossed on his chest. they leave hand-prints that last for hours! he buys me sourpatch kids. he doesn't care about sports. he pretends not to notice when i gain five pounds. he has really cool tattoos. he has a super long back. okay, i'm actually not thankful for that because he always wants me to scratch his back and   my arm gets tired after like, 45 seconds. he has really nice skin and long eyelashes. i'm actually more jealous than thankful for this. he talks about politics enough that i can kinda sound like i know what i'm talking about if i'm in a conversation with a smart person. he makes awesome scrambled eggs. mine always turn out dry & rubbery. he has a sweet scar on his cheek from a chainsaw! true story. he's not grossed out when i pluck my eyebrows or burp or do other unladylike things. he has a good sense of style but he's not metro. he hates when i call his clothes "outfits." in the morning, before i've even gotten out of bed he'll say, "you look beautiful this morning." and then i'll see myself and half the time i look crazy! he never asks, "what've you been doing all day?" when he comes home to a crazy house. he has awesome ideas. like, last night we set up a kiddie pool and he was brilliant enough to put it under the slide in our playhouse--instant waterslide! as his mom said last week, "he is just steady."

are you still reading?
basically, he's really awesome. a fantastic dad, wonderful husband, romantic, handsome, and pretty handy around the house. i love mr.a and i'm sooo thankful for him today and everyday!


  1. Reading this made me want to cry. (Dang hormones from BF). My husband is headed to Camp Ripley, MN this week.

  2. mine too kelcbell!!!
    at least they'll be together and we'll be alone together! ha,ha.

  3. I hope he doesn't meet my hubby. (He's doing paperwork on soldiers who get injured up there). If he does I'm sure that'd be an awesome conversation "my wife stalks your wife". It still feels "stalkerish" bring a follower:)

  4. If I can join your thankful Thursday I would say I am thankful for an awesome daughter in law and so thankful you are Seth's wife. You are the perfect match for him!!

  5. this is my favorite thing from you since i started reading your blog last week...(the "it" list!). good luck for the next 3 weeks...i hope that just by looking at this picture & your post that it will carry you through.

  6. sweet, sweet post. I will miss him for you, I know how hard it is when the guy is away. Although I have never had to do three whole weeks. Be strong, eat lots of chocolate and stock up on girly magazines!

  7. So sweet, Bethany. And I love that rug!!

  8. You two look so cute together! <3

    -Dyanna Pure


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