Tuesday, June 15, 2010


as promised, here are some cute, chic, flirty, and fun swimmsuit options from across the interweb...

newport news, $25-$50

spiegel, $34

j.crew, $35

 target, $20

french connection, $75

coco rave, $33-45
ralph lauren, $70

and for my curves-galore gals...

newport news, $44

newport news, $54

newport news, $68

now,  this may not be the most amazing swimsuit round up you've ever seen, but i wanted to keep the prices low. my advice is to actually shop for swimwear at the end of summer. you can find incredible deals on really gorgeous swimwear. i always check anthropologie for sales because their suits are just beautiful and really classy. (however, none are featured here beceause they are still pretty pricey.)
my other tip: if you plan to shop for swimwear online, make sure to read the description--thoroughly! if it says "moderate" coverage, expect to have a little cheek hangin' out. european and other high-end brands are usually cut in a straight line across your bum instead curved around your cheek. does that make sense? like this: \_/ not this: (_).
victoria's secret has a great variety of swimsuit styles but you have to remember, they are all modeled by... well, models. with huge bazoongas. you will probably not look like that in the bathing suit you order. so be prepared. also, check out bluefly.com. you can find designer swimwear at highly reduced prices. (today i saw a diane von furstenberg tankini top for $43 from $190!)
sorry this is sort of ramble-y. i think my mind is fried from browsing through swimsuits for 18 bazilliasdfalskdfjeiwnerwfklnfion hours.
good luck! be brave!
and apply self tanner before you try anything on!


  1. Good advice! I love the cocorave tankini....not sure it would look too great on me though. ;)

  2. I feel like the bottom half were selected for me! :) haha

  3. haha I love this post for 3 reasons

    1] \_/ not this: (_). well said!
    2] huge bazoonga. ugh wish I had 'em!
    3] thanks for the great tips

  4. LOVE what you came up with! Especially the Coco rave one ;)


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