Saturday, June 12, 2010


i have to admit, i've never felt comfortable in a swimsuit.  the closest i ever got was probably my junior year of high school. i did butt-loads of squats that year in preparation for a spring break trip. (literally. my butt was loaded with squats. don't you hate when people say literally but don't mean it? like,
"i literally just died!" ummm, no. no, you didn't.) but, even on that trip, i was quick to throw on shorts every time i stood up.
after a couple pregnancies, i only wish my body looked like it did then. but i swear i've had hail damage* since i was 7. i feel like i'm constantly on the look-out for the perfect suit. when actually, it's probably the perfect body i'm looking for. since that's not gonna happen until i win the lottery or convince dr.90210 to take me on as a charity case, i'm resigned to working with what i got. these are some swimsuits i've been donning lately...

the one-piece.

i saw this suit in a people style watch magazine last spring. i thought it was adorable and the $30 price was right up my alley! it's from newport news. they have a great selection of stylish suits at fantastic prices. based on this pic, i think it may not be the most flattering look for me, but i think it would be really great on someone taller.

the tankini.
i think the ruffles on this suit are really cute and flirty. they're also a great disguise for a less-than-toned tummy. i feel a wee bit exposed with the neckline, but it's fun for vacation. i purchased this at a local swim boutique. if you don't feel comfortable shopping online for swimwear, it's worth it to go to a specialty swim shop. the staff are generally great at helping you find the right suit for your body-type and can make you feel really comfortable being almost-nakie in front of them.

the retro.
i know this may be the mom-jeans of swimwear, but i love the modesty of this trend. i think it's a great way to get a bit more coverage and still look fun and cute. i got the top at old navy and the bottoms from urban outfitters. what do you gals think of the retro look?

the hat.
no matter what swimstyle you're wearing (or body part you're hiding), the wide-brimmed hat is the perfect accessory! it's practical, chic, and stylish. mine is from target.

stay tuned for a round-up of stylish and affordable swimwear!

*'round here we like to call the c-word "hail damage." it makes it seem like you have a healthy, fun relationship with your cellulite. like, the reason you scarf on ben & jerry's is because you & your hail damage are such bff's, you think it might be fun to have a whole clique on your ass. so far i have jennifer and tiffany on my saddlebags, crystal and kelly on my butt. like i said, i'm pretty sure my clique started in the 80's, hence their totally awesome names.


  1. I love the ruffled tankini! It looks really good on you! I've never been one to use a boutique but I think they earned their beans with this pick! I may have to check them out....

  2. i like the tankini on you too. you look smokin'. about that hat, along with accessorizing and making the look cute, it also prevents premature wrinkles! (I fear the sun)

    I have a few retro style swimsuits. I have a one piece and a two piece. It's funny, about 5 years ago I was looking for a retro one piece with a sweetheart neckline and ruched sides and very low cut on the hips. I dreamed of it and spent hours looking online and in boutiques...and nothin. all I had to do was wait a couple years to get one in every color. kinda sad right?

    are you at the beach right now? where were these taken?

    ps are we still on for "a tale of two pippys"?

  3. That tankini is too cute! I'll be sure to check back for your swimwear round-up, I've been shopping for one lately and it is NOT going well. I'm going to a toddler birthday party at the pool tomorrow and I'll be breaking out the old black tank suit again - BORING.

  4. You crack me up. I almost spit my coffee out at that last paragraph. You look great in all your suits!

  5. you look great in all of those swimsuits! I love the tankini - I will never be in a 2 piece again - and I am always on the lookout for the perfect suit (or body as you put it!)

    I about died reading the hail damage paragraph - I think ill change the c-word to hail damage and name my "friends". Hilarious!

  6. Thank you for this post on swimsuits. You're lookin good!


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