Monday, June 07, 2010


little improvements.
 i recently picked up these cool horse bookends at a fundraiser/garage sale. trying to decide whether to paint them a glossy, off-white (for an adler look) or leave them the way they are. any thoughts?
they are sitting upon our new toy box...
the toy chaos was making me crazy.
so i got this with these to keep things organized.
i love it.

when i painted the chalkboard wall, i decided to keep going around the corner and highlight some of the architectural detail in the room
that mr.a-for-awesome added...

it feels pretty b.a. to have a black wall in the house.

last weekend when we were out at the farm, i found this rusty old basket lying upside-down in the middle of the yard. it looked too neat to just be cast aside in the yard so i asked uncle jeff about it (because he knows all the goings-on of the farm). he said it was from an old meat locker and that it wasn't just randomly in the yard, it was placed over a plant to keep the rabbits out. 
later in the day he said he wanted me to have it. 
i was very excited and immediately thought of all the ways i could put it to use. 
for now it holds extra blankets in the living room... 

our kitchen has very limited counter space which makes cooking a big pain. i have been scouring craigslist to find a solution, but i've had no luck.
last week my m.i.l met me at a liquidation sale. a store in our area is closing and selling off all their inventory and fixtures. i found this rustic table (that they used as a display table) and knew it would make a perfect kitchen island.
ignore all the stuff piled on it. i was just....testing its strength.
i've realized how much i enjoy change. so rather than sell our house on a whim; checking craigslist, rearranging furniture, or a can of paint gives me a cheap & easy "fix" when i'm feeling restless.
do you like to move things around at home?
or do you stick with what works?


  1. I love those bookends....great find! :)

  2. Such a cute house... love it! And that table was quite a find. I am always switching it up... besides beds, it seems like every piece of furniture has been in about every room in our house. Like you said, it's better than trying to find a new house!

  3. Triple LOVE LOVE LOVE all the new/old stuff!!! The island is PERFECT!! And the toy storage! PERFECT!! And your dressed down pic below made me giggle.

  4. I LOVE that table! What store is closing? :) And I would definitely leave the bookends just as they are. As you said, you can always paint when you get restless. Some white paint will be fun when you need a brightening up this winter.

  5. steinmart! across from vw mall. good call on the horses.

  6. sweet find on the it. might need to swing by steinmart and see if they have any deals left. also love the new toy box...creative idea!

  7. love the new island. tres country kitchen chic. can't wait to see it in person!
    (i'll have to pretend i don't know it came from steinmart...some of the cuteness was stripped away when i read that. just kidding. kind of.)

    and i'm preplexed internally after i read your question. I LOVE change. I love moving and starting fresh. and yet i don't move things around. EVER. weird.

  8. That table is FANTASTIC! is the sale still on? On another completely different note: Will you give me ideas for rehearsal dinner invite graphics?

  9. Seriously drooling over your wood floors. I love your "new" island too!

  10. I need you to come and help me with my place!!

  11. Hi! I wandered over to your blog from your sister's and I really like it. I have to tell you that I saw these bookends on here last night and then when I was at the downtown Salvation Army this morning, wasting time, looking for treasures, I saw 2 lamps with the exact same horse on them. I thought you might be interested :) They are in the basement and are $8 if you wanted to go find them.

    I love your house by the way and that you post pictures of parts of your house that are not perfectly clean because it makes me feel better about my mess. I just can't believe that some people live in a spotless house all the time :) Oh and I wish that I had your sense of style too!

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