Tuesday, June 08, 2010


i'm totally drooling over the latest sundance catalog.
i actually "borrowed" mine from my in-laws.
(sorry, cheryl. and, you're welcome, greg!)
here are some things i'd spend my lottery money on....

alexis boots.
trousers, skirts, dresses, skinnies--wear it all with these beauties.
i love jewelry that speaks for itself. perfect with jeans & a t-shirt.
but i also love jewelry that is so laid-back, you could wear it every day.
this top is just. so. romantic. i'd insist that robert redford call me juliet.
i would love a pair of these under my new island.
is it a coincidence that there are four cubbies and four in our family?
i think not.
wethersby console.
i love that this could be used in any room of the house.
i could go on and on, but i better stop there.
next time your mouth is dry, head over to the sundance site,
and let the drooling begin!


  1. I have honestly never been to the Sundance site or the store. I've always only walked past it...but you've changed my mind with these pictures. I don't think it's coincidental at all that the wire storage has 4 cubbies & I have 4 boys. It's fate for both of us!


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