Monday, June 14, 2010


forever 21, $10.80

i'd say anthro is the winner here.
it's absurd that free people is charging that much for, what looks like, a bunch of pins from about 10 years ago on a leather strap. remember in the early 2000's when we were all doing brooches on our jean jackets & cardigans?
or was that just me...?
forever21 gets a little too cheap with their version. but the concept is there.
however, anthro's is goooorgeous, moderately-priced (compared with most of their jewelry), and looks really well-made. i know for most of us, $60 is a lot to spend on a single accessory, but i think a statement piece of jewelry is a worth-while investment. if you can find one for $10-20? even better!
i have 3 statement necklaces that i wear all the time.
read more about them in tomorrow's
{must}wear post!

{must}wear is a new series i'll be doing highlighting certain things you must have in your wardrobe! at least in my opinion.


  1. oh i'm looking forward to this must have installment. sometimes, when i go shopping i feel lost as to what are good classics to own--especially for summer.

  2. These are so cool... I wish I was more of a diy person, it seems like you could try to recreate this with thrift store finds! I just LOVE statement necklaces this season. They are so easy and fun!

  3. i totally agree. i think these could easily be done... maybe i'll give it a try if i get my DIY mojo goin! :)

  4. Check this one out:|56864|69570
    The only reason I knew about it is because BHG mag featured this one alongside that anthro one. I'm iffy on it but its a lot cuter than the F21 one.

    This one is adorable, though. Maybe I need to go buy it:|56864|69570

  5. oh my word! how funny! i'm gonna try to add it to the post. hopefully no one from BHG sees this & thinks i plage-d it. that gray one is soooo cute. we need to hit up valley west! there's a JCP there.

  6. Came across your blog from "the good life for less" and have spent the last hour laughing hysterically and jotting down things I now "need" (that JCP necklace is going on the list). You've gotten yourself a new subscriber!


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