Monday, November 08, 2010

this post was first published on 6/8/10.
5 months later and i think there are a couple new readers, so i thought i'd post it again.
hi. i'm b.a. it's nice to meet you.

new 'round here?

this is me: b.a.
this is my family: mr.a, piper rice, and quinn margaret.
i'm so glad you found our little spot in the blogosphere,
i hope you stick around!
i know there are about 12 million other blogs that you could be reading,
but they're all either better or worse than mine.
wouldn't you rather read something mediocre? wink!
but seriously, i'd love to hear your thoughts and i have to admit, i like when you follow* so i know a bit about you, too!
love, b.a.

here are a few faves to get you started...
do: the start of dtwsld.
do: the dollar spot.
think: a new year.
think: separation sucks.
wear: not too cool for school.
wear: breaking the laws.
wear: mad for plaid.
wear: fat feet.
see: almost famous.
see: in my top five.
love: friends who do stuff.
love: babes in bowland.
love: protective parents.
dream: mr.a fulfills one of his.
dream: mr.a fulfills one of mine.

*following=that little party on the left sidebar


  1. Hahahaha. I love the scrunchy face shot.

  2. Hey... I liked the "review"! Good idea!

  3. b.a. i just wanted to send your blog some love. i have been following your blog for a while now, but never have commented. i just wanted to let you know i'm here and love your style. i even catch myself planning my outfits after seeing something you've posted. thanks for helping me stay fashionable! ashley

  4. thanks, not-so-anonymous ashley!
    i'm glad to know you're here!

  5. are so cute! Loved this post!

  6. Hey Bethany-I met you at Erin Theoharis' wedding (you and your sister fixed my hair for the wedding pictures!). Love your blog!! Also, I went to college with your blogger friend Jill (good life for less)-she is good friends with a friend of mine here in Seattle! What a small world! Maybe we will meet again in Lake Geneva sometime! Praying for you this year without your man...

  7. you didn't include my all time fave: the one about Valentine's Day!


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