Monday, June 21, 2010


saturday morning we went to the downtown farmer's market.
it's my second-favorite place to people-watch. (after the airport, of course.) you'll see the hipster, the hick, the hippie, the high-maintenance, and everything in-between. there are lots of kids and just as many dogs...
it's a really fun group of people.
when we go, i like to look cute, but not too done-up. it is just a market, after all.
i got a ton of compliments on this dress at the market, which is always nice!
especially when i get to say, "oh! thanks! i just got it at a consignment shop!"
one lady responded that i shouldn't tell people that, but i love sharing my thirfting good-fortune! this dress still had the original tags on it!
looking at the pictures now, i wish i had accessorized a bit more/better. but, like i said, it's best to keep it simple at the farmer's market.
plus, i was carrying this bag, which is an accessory in itself...
dress: thrifted from worn
: urban outfitters
clutch: forever 21
we loooooove fresh kettle korn...
these gals were fun to watch...
and sexy.
maybe we should all take belly-dancing lessons!


  1. Your daughter is such a doll! My kids like the kettle corn the best too... great dress, btw!

  2. Cecelia has the same shoes that Piper has on...they are the best and go with everything!

  3. cute dress! and your daughters too! i looooveee kettle corn!

  4. Adorbs dress - and I LOVE telling people that I got something for a bargain (whether it's on clearance, thrifted, vintage, or garage sale). I don't see what the problem is with telling that?! But then, if someone wants to impress me, tell me that you got a piece for almost nothing, as opposed to telling me you spent way too much money on it (I'm crazy like dat).

  5. Lovely! Your daughter is so cute! I'm a huge fan of taking trips to local farmer's market.

    Great style in general, but also on the WIW challenge.

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