Wednesday, June 09, 2010


the big 8-0.
we spent this past weekend at the farm. it is just a magical place.
the sun was shining, animals were roaming, there were constant sounds of laughter and kids playing into the night.

the whole family came together to celebrate grandpa jim's 80th birthday.

grandpa jim is a character. he has been a farmer all his life, and at 80 years old, is still farming. he has leathered skin that has seen many seasons of planting and harvest. he has a gravelly voice that isn't often heard; but once you get him talking, you better take a seat! he's missing two fingers on his right hand from a farming accident, but he won't hesitate to welcome you to his home with a proud handshake. he is strong, loyal, and loves his family. his four main food groups are candy, coffee, cigarettes and, well...whatever grandma serves him for dinner. he's quiet, gruff, and doesn't require much attention; which made it all the more enjoyable to surprise him with a huge party for his birthday.

i didn't take many pictures because i was having too much fun to hide behind the camera. besides, it was one of those memorable weekends that cannot accurately be described or even photographed--only experienced.

yard games.

four generations.



what a family.
what a legacy.
i feel fortunate to be a part of both.
happy birthday, grandpa jim!


  1. Hey. I love your photo essay! Nicely done!

  2. Great blog Bethany!! It was such a fun weekend.

  3. Wow! I didn't know Piper had a twin!

  4. beautiful writing, and i'm glad you could sit aside your camera and enjoy the moment!


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