Thursday, June 03, 2010


more graduation stuff.
i mentioned my little sister graduated, right? oh yeah, that's when you guys voted on what i should wear and i had 17 comments!!! okay, one was from me, so 16. but 16 is a lot! and that made me feel special. i should have y'all vote on stuff more often.
anyway, here are some more moments from her special day....
hearing 397 names called takes a looooong time.
fortunately, the announcer sounded like moses reading the ten commandments.
(or at least, charlton heston reading the ten commandments.)
it was like each name he called was the most important thing he was ever going to say.
it was pretty awesome.
after the graduation, we had a fantastic dinner at centro.
this funny boy at the table next to us offered to take our picture so i could be in it. he climbed up on his chair and everything.
very sweet of him.
too bad it was super-blurry.
so here's the group shot i took...
mr.a and grandad bonded over army stuff.
they ignored everyone else the whole night. wink!
i loves me some sisters...
i made my older sister pose for her first outfit pic...
isn't she cute?
she's a closeted fashionista.
okay, she may never actually consider herself a fashionista.
but she cleans up well, huh?
jacket: gap
tank: j.crew
shorts: gap (?)
espadrilles: banana republic
cuff: express (mine)
short necklace: express
(my bridesmaids' necklaces!)
longer necklace: white house/black market (mine)
(is it rude to say, "mine"? i think maybe... yes.)

it was an eventful weekend and i've been confused all week since monday was a holiday.
yipes! is it really thursday? this should be a "thankful thursday" post!
oh well, better late than never:

thankful thursday.
i'm thankful for my sisters!
this picture is from exactly a year ago when my older sis & i were both fat & pregnant.

i'm thankful that my wee sister survived high school and has become a cool and talented and gorgeous young woman. (ick! that sounds so mushy!) but seriously, she's probably going to be famous one day. so if you see her on american idol, you better vote for her. she doesn't realize how much she has going for her. because...she's a loon. she's also canadian.
(true story.)
and i'm thankful that my older sister lets me be silly and gross and immature all the time. kind of like her husband. it's a wonder she even lets me hang out with her! plus, she's a cheap date. a one-drink wonder. and, she's my number one blog cheerleader. she's always like: "you have another follower! wahoo!" she's an awesome mom and wife. and you should probably hire her to decorate your house because she has really good taste. and she's a good speller.

we all have a lot in common...or wait, no we don't. but that's what is awesome about sisters. you can be best friends and not have to like the same music or movies or clothes. both my sisters allow me to be myself and make me feel really good about who that is. even when i'm grouchy or goofy or make a big deal about eyebrow-plucking.
(sorry, claire.)
i'm pretty sure they love me unconditionally. they may not like me all the time.
but i know they love me.
and i love them soooooo much.


  1. I seriously want to photoshop me into this pic. If you are being mushy, then I can too. I adore all the women in this pic! Claire will be a star and I can't wait to see it rise (oh my, lame-o!) The world is at her fingertips (any more cliches I can use?) You are a total funny lady going back as far as us shopping at Gap at the mall when you were what? 14? You had exact change for the pants you wanted and you had this crazy laugh. Hysterical! I can imitate it for you next time I see you. ;-) You are a joy to be around and I know I can be real and no judgement passes your thoughts. Haverlee is the sweet one of the bunch. Always so comfy around her. She is the one where there can be silence in the room or a pause in the conversation and it isn't uncomfortable. Or you can be as loud and rowdy as you want. Plus she can be a little dirty at times. (Take that the way you want to. It probably all applies.) She rolls with just about anything. I loves me some Ottley girls!!

  2. And Hav looks so freaking cute! And I love how the Ottley men are flanking the table at Centro. And at first I was wondering who the women are next to your dad and then I remembered. Looks like a good time!!

  3. You and your sisters are a small army of babes!

  4. Oh, and I can't even type what your mom means to me without crying. So I will save it for her birthday card. HA!

  5. oh manda! you little sweetnugget!

    thanks, reags! now everyone knows that i'm NOT the pretty sister! gah.

  6. oh my...this is just too much for me!! and i'm all concerned that my husband doesn't compliment me enough....this just filled me up for a month! seriously folks. thank you. whenever i'm feeling down, i'm just going to re-read this post and comments.
    (whatever, bethany, about the non-pretty sister comment. SO not true!)

  7. PS. typo in sentence 1, par. 2 under the fat preggo pic. :)

    Guess what? A friend asked me to edit her new web site for a new family business they're doing. Its my lucky day!! (oh, i love being a grammar nerd)

  8. you gals are so how all your legs are the same in the pic of you outside Centro! So cute!

  9. You all look SO cute! Love the outfits. Your post really makes me miss my sisters, can't wait to make it back to Chicago!


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