Tuesday, June 22, 2010


do you read what i wore ?
it's one of the first fashion blogs i ever started reading--over two years ago! jessica (the author) does a great job of challenging herself to try new trends but her first love is vintage.
she recently started a feature called "what we wore," challenging readers to create an outfit based on a specific inspiration. this week was safari week and i thought i'd give it a shot...

forgive my super-cheesey pose. i'm obviously not cool enough to run with the big dog blogs. i was just trying to get a better shot of this awesome necklace with the huge zebra on it! this necklace also came from my grandear's house of vintage treasure. (along with this and this if you're new here!)
it's pretty ridiculous, but the perfect accessory for a safari challenge!
or a yellow gaudy necklace challenge.
maybe jessica will do that one next!

dress: gap, $14
belt: j.crew, $12
scarf: target, $10
shoes: bcbg, $50
necklace: vintage, gift 


  1. I have to admit your second pose made me giggle. That necklace is ridonk (new term just coined by me...short for ridonkulous) but in a good safari/gaudy way.

  2. You should have a caption contest for your second pose. :-) You look like you are braving the African heat looking for the elusive black rhino.

  3. that's exactly what i was going for! how'd you know i was squinting over the horizon at the elusive black rhino???? (p.s. you & your junjle/zoo terms. of course you throw out the "elusive black rhino." i thought i was being tricky with that one.)
    i was really trying to get in the spirit of the safari. the rest of the day i spoke to piper in an australian accent. she didn't understand a word i said. she finally knows what i go through trying to cmmunicate with her everyday! wink.

  4. I think you are definitely cool enough to run with the "big dog blogs"! I like you even better though because you have a life outside of fashion. I love to hear about the other stuff; it makes you seem more real.

    p.s. you look AMAZING as usual! I think you knocked "safari week" out of the park!

  5. I adore this outfit! We are almost "neighbors" in Jessica's post. :)

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