Sunday, June 27, 2010


when my best friend said she was going to be in town for the art festival, i knew exactly what i would wear. drumroll please...
a romper.
yep. i romped it. hopped on that bandwagon and i'm not lookin' back. it was lightweight, cool, and comfy. perfect for a hot day. 

and nary a camletoe was seen.
luckily, since this is iowa, i only saw two other girls rompin' it.
okay, that's a lie. i saw one woman in her earlyish 40's wearing one but (sorry this is mean...) it was a little less "statement" and a little more "accident."
there may have also been a fanny-pack involved.

romper: forever 21, $14.50
belt: thrifted, $4
sandals: urban outfitters, $20
hat: target, $15
sunglasses: rayban, gift


it's a highlight of every summer; though always raining or blazing hot.
this year it was both. bonus!
we got there early enough to get a great parking spot and enjoy a post-rainstorm breeze. it started out as the perfect day to be outside. after a couple hours it became quite hot, but not entirely miserable. 

they had a fantastic area of activities for kids. piper was able to contribute to a large painting, listen to poetry, and watch beautiful ballet dancers.
it was neat to see her interact with different forms of art...
because of the rainstorm and the location of the kids' area, we got very muddy...
there were different bands playing, lots of fantastic food, and of course great people watching...
i always find the art festival very inspiring. it makes me want to run to the art supply store!

a couple of my favorite artists from last year were back...
signe and genna grushovenko are a couple that paint together. i believe he paints the backdrop for each painting (usually in stripes/layers of color) and she recreates photographs (usually vintage images) atop the base. their aesthetics pair beautifully and i would love to own one of their pieces one day.
jodi perry creates simple land and farmscapes. at first sight, her paintings draw you in by their striking color and composition. then you notice the minute details that add a note of fancy. summer daydream features a young girl drifting away with her kite. it was chosen as this year's commemorative poster for the art fest. i bought one.
pam kehoe-peterson makes really creative and inspiring jewelry. she had some cute letter charms made from vintage typewriter keys so i asked if she had any with the letter Q. she didn't. but she did have a loose Q key that hadn't been worked into a necklace yet. and she gave it to me! isn't that cool? she told me to just have a jeweler drill a hole through it. i couldn't believe she just gave it to me!

the festivities continue today.
if you're local--go!

Friday, June 25, 2010


jill, from the good life for less, put together another awesome round-up of must-see posts this week!
check'em out...
  • style your life whips up a fabulous ensemble in grey and white... I just love the fresh and modern feel of this outfit!
  • the pretty bee makes over her family room... she shows before and after shots (gotta love a "before and after!") that includes this sunny vignette.
  • where is the me in mommy? reminds us of five simple things to add to our to-do list that is sure to brighten our day... my fave: more time for reading to our kids!
  • do. think. wear. see. love. dream. takes on a safari wardrobe challenge and totally knocks it out of the ballpark, or more aptly the wildlife reserve.
  • a spot of whimsy reorganizes her bookshelves... and rainbow-itizes them! (much more pretty than alphabetizing them)
  • karina, ink reopens her shop and has a pretty awesome freebie for bloggers - you won't want to miss this!
  • one hundred inspirations gets us this french-chic Leighton Meester look for less than $100 (well actually, less than $82 to be exact!!)
  • good life for less takes us south of the border for some fun wardrobe inspiration that just screams summer!
  • sweetie pie pumpkin noodle is coveting sand & sea... um, yes me too! Especially this blinged out swimsuit!
  • merci blah blah gets disco fabulous and I couldn't love this belt/necklace combo more! Can you say "whoooo, whooo"?
Interested in finding out how you can be featured on the "it" list? Email goodlifeforless @!

Some fantastic inspiration--delivered right to your....screen!


my head is with mr.a
oh, i just meant figuratively, you silly geese.
is said head looking tired? well, it is.
that stinker needs to come home so i can stop waiting for him to tuck me in and smooch me goodnight. i guess it's not just the kiddos that get stuck in a bedtime routine...

anyway. let's talk about the goodness of this skirt. it is so plain and practical. i just love it. if i could sew i would make 8 of them. this one is kind of a coral chambray so it has just a wee bit of texture and of course the pockets are lovely. i'm pretty sure i can wear it with every shirt i own. except maybe three of them. i mentally counted.

but for today i paired it with this pretty t-shirt...
and these pretty earrings...

and these pretty bracelets...
t-shirt: j.crew, $24
skirt: target, $15
earrings: gift from my sis 
turquoise striped bracelet: garage sale, 25 cents
others: j.crew $4 each
sandals: gap, sooooo old

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


casual wednesday.
today i started a new job. one in which i actually need to leave the house on occasion. i feel very fortunate because, ultimately, it's doing something i love: blogging! i get to do before & afters, interviews, and trend reporting for an iowa-based cabinet company.* 

so, today i needed to photograph a kitchen and do a brief interview.
this is how i imagined a professional blogger would dress. it just so happens to be exactly how i dress. but i added the sweet wooden box purse as my "briefcase."
it holds all a professional blogger's necessities. least all my necessities:
sunnies, camera, phone and wallet.
don't worry, i will probably tire of referring to myself as a professional blogger by the end of this sentence.


tunic: j.crew, $10
shorts: diy cut-offs, $28
scarf: gift
espadrilles: target, $15
box purse: vintage, gift from grandear

*my in-laws actually own one of woodharbor's design studios and they specialize in creating beautiful kitchens and baths. that's how i scored this sweet gig!
or it may be because of my sweet briefcase... not sure.


a few days ago we came upon this sad sight...
a mean storm had knocked it out of the tree in our front yard.

i brought it inside and put the cracked side of the egg face-down ...
now piper checks on it about 8 times a day.

"momma! the little egg is doing great!"

i don't have the heart to tell her the little egg will always be great.
it's the poor chick that has seen better days.


i don't think the headwrap is a look i will regularly incorporate. but, it was fun for today. i love when laura rocks it, i'm just not sure it's for me.
but i'm totally down with the rest of  the outfit.
and i'll happily wear the headwrap as a neckwrap!
or rather, as a scarf.

shirt: banana republic, gift
tank: j.crew, $8
shorts: walmart, $10
shoes: target, $15
scarf: target, $10

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


notes to self:

1.when mixed greens are 30%'s because they are 70% wilted. suck at painting your own nails. just. stop. trying.
apparently practice doesn't always make perfect. can never be satisfied by something you don't need.
(i learned that last night on the discovery health channel. so true...right?!!)

4.berries + babies = stains.

5.speaking of stains, you're out of oxiclean.

6.if you leave cabinet doors open, your are bound to hit your head/knee/shin/otherbodypart on them. and then cuss in front of your kids. you don't wanna do that. so just shut the &$(%*#ing doors! 

7.don't even think about getting a puppy. like, stop it. now.
i mean it! is your friend. but a cleaning lady is your best friend.

9.frank is the new jason mesnick. except not divorced. not a dad.
and not a tool.

10.if you enter target, you will spend $100. it's just the way it is. 


do you read what i wore ?
it's one of the first fashion blogs i ever started reading--over two years ago! jessica (the author) does a great job of challenging herself to try new trends but her first love is vintage.
she recently started a feature called "what we wore," challenging readers to create an outfit based on a specific inspiration. this week was safari week and i thought i'd give it a shot...

forgive my super-cheesey pose. i'm obviously not cool enough to run with the big dog blogs. i was just trying to get a better shot of this awesome necklace with the huge zebra on it! this necklace also came from my grandear's house of vintage treasure. (along with this and this if you're new here!)
it's pretty ridiculous, but the perfect accessory for a safari challenge!
or a yellow gaudy necklace challenge.
maybe jessica will do that one next!

dress: gap, $14
belt: j.crew, $12
scarf: target, $10
shoes: bcbg, $50
necklace: vintage, gift 

Monday, June 21, 2010


since my daddy and my baby-daddy were both out of town on sunday,
i had the pleasure of spending father's day with my father-in-law and my grandfather-in-law!
we spent the day at a baseball game. the perfect way to celebrate dads:
sports, beer, and junk-food.
i guess if there were cheerleaders it would've been even better!

quinn stayed bald for the occasion...
and we bought P some peanuts and cracker jack...
it got so hot, she may never come back...
but it's root, root, root, for the home team...
they didn't win, it's a shame.
for it's one...


three strikes we're out...

at the old ball game!


saturday morning we went to the downtown farmer's market.
it's my second-favorite place to people-watch. (after the airport, of course.) you'll see the hipster, the hick, the hippie, the high-maintenance, and everything in-between. there are lots of kids and just as many dogs...
it's a really fun group of people.
when we go, i like to look cute, but not too done-up. it is just a market, after all.
i got a ton of compliments on this dress at the market, which is always nice!
especially when i get to say, "oh! thanks! i just got it at a consignment shop!"
one lady responded that i shouldn't tell people that, but i love sharing my thirfting good-fortune! this dress still had the original tags on it!
looking at the pictures now, i wish i had accessorized a bit more/better. but, like i said, it's best to keep it simple at the farmer's market.
plus, i was carrying this bag, which is an accessory in itself...
dress: thrifted from worn
: urban outfitters
clutch: forever 21
we loooooove fresh kettle korn...
these gals were fun to watch...
and sexy.
maybe we should all take belly-dancing lessons!