Wednesday, May 26, 2010


i'm not talking to you.
or rather, i'm all talked out. but this is what i wore today:

t-shirt: j.crew
 boyfriend shorts:  these old navy jeans, cut-off
belt: gap (from a million years ago)
sandals: old navy
hat: target
necklace: my new/old "family" necklace.*

*i got the "B" and the bee charm on our trip.
the "p" i've had for a while and then there's mr.a's dog-tag.
i don't feel too guilty about leaving out quinn because the p looks like a q when i look in the mirror :). but i'd still like to get quinn a charm of her own. and maybe a smaller one for mr.a.
i like hers, hers, and hers.


  1. AHHH your husband's SSN is on here! Delete it ASAP!

    - A loyal reader!!!!

  2. yikes! i freaked out for a minute. but i double checked and it'a just a phone number. it's his tag from when he was in RSP.

  3. but thanks for watchin' out!
    and thanks for reading!

  4. wow I feel a little slow now since there's one too many digits for a SSN.....and I suppose I should be a little embarrassed since my husband worked at RSP up until last March. I just asked my husband about it and he knew the phone number by heart:)

  5. GASP! A typo! From your most dutiful editor, havey.



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