Saturday, May 29, 2010


where my girls at?
this could also be titled: "where my gays at?" because i want your help, too. anyway... i have a job for you!
help me decide what to wear to my sister's graduation & celebration. it's a good excuse to dress up and i have three options topping my list.
whatever gets the most votes WINS!

that is, if anyone actually reads this. and then actually votes. man, i'm going to feel so lame if no one votes. oh well. lame is my middle name. not really. it's michele. yes, with one L. i'm french. or rather, irish/english. but i took french. and used to live in canada. bet you didn't know that. okay, it's time to wrap up this little font & get back to the outfits.

look 1:

this might sound slutty, but i think this outfit would be cuter with a dash of cleavage. it's borderline matronly. but i do loves me some pockets...

shrug: l.a. made
dress: j.crew
belt: j.crew
bangle: f21
shoes: bcbg

look 2:
this dress is actually about 5 inches longer than it appears in the picture. a really unflattering length for me. yes, i have it hiked up into my belt. see it now? anyway, i think the beauty of the shoe and necklace distract from the ghetto hem-job.

dress: tj maxx
shoes: franco sarto
(the ones mr.a bought me on our trip!)
belt: j.crew
necklace: a gift

look 3:
okay, this one looks a little wonky in the picture, but i promise it's cute. and please note the two shoe options. yes, those are options. the one on the left is an old standby, the one on the right is new and comfy. like the jogging shoe of heels.

dress: gap
necklace: a gift
belt: thrifted banana republic
shoe 1: kenzie
shoe 2: ciao bella, tj maxx

so girls and gays, what's it gonna be...
1, 2 or 3?


  1. I vote for number 1! Way cute.

  2. I hate to be a follower, but I vote for #1, too. And I want to go buy it.

  3. I'm torn between look 2 and 3. I say 2 if you want to be a little dressier and 3 if you want to be a little more casual. All cute though. And hats off to Mr. A for picking out those shoes. :)

  4. #1! Didn't even have to think about it. And for extra credit, here is why:

    #2 is a little dark by comparison. Yes, you would be sporting those awesome new shoes, but would you seriously want to mess with a ghetto-hem for the duration? I say hack off the bottom and wear it out for mojitos with mr. a. (I also keep thinking that neckline wants a necklace that is about 2" longer or shorter. But what do I know? I own two necklaces.)

    #3 is a bit safari for graduation. I like the newer shoe with it, though both are great.

    #1 has a lovely amount of color. It says "summer" without screaming "I AM NOW WEARING MY SUMMER CLOTHES". I don't think it is matronly. In fact, I find it rather demure. (Besides, if you're showing a little cleavage standing up, you may end up showing a LOT of cleavage when you're replenishing the cream puffs or picking up a little Quinn.) Those shoes are awesome. Love the bracelet. Do you have any pins/brooches?

    Yes, I who wear denim capris and polos, have highly-detailed opinions about fashion. It seems very hypocritical of me. *laugh*

    You'll look lovely whatever you decide. Enjoy the celebration.

  5. Cinnamon, you crack me up!!!
    I agree with everything she said :)

    I'm voting #1. Namely because I've never seen you in it before. (I kind of wanted to vote for #3 because we'd look cute in our combined outfits for photo ops but I'm not quite that vain :)

    PS. Wear your boostiest bra.

    PPS. Have you seen Kristen Wiig do her "just kidding" lady during Weekend Update? That's exactly what your fine print paragraph sounded like!!

  6. 6 votes!!! whoa! i'm so NOT lame!

    @cin: agree with ghetto hem & would totally hack it off it won. should probably hack it off anyway. or pay someone to hack it. i do have one pin/brooch that may be perfect! thanks for the reminder that pins/brooches are not just for grannies. i wish the yellow dress had a sweetheart neckline. then my cleave would be sweet and not slutty. at least by name.

    @all voters: i'm impressed by your unanimosity so far. (i just made that word up, i think.) but i know there are other voters out there! (oops, by saying that i have, again, set myself up for an embarassing moment if, in fact, there are really no more voters out there.)
    my other sister (the graduate) also picked #1. but then she said, "you can't look cuter than me!" so i was worried she picked #1 just to sabotage my cuteness.

    we'll see what happens....

  7. #1- totally!! it is so classy & cute & sassy. you can't beat that. little does your sister know, you can't help but be this cute. it's like a superpower.

    actually i love all the outfits. stop being so cute. for real, you are making the rest of us feel bad. oh, can't help your superpowers.

    fyi: on #3--love the left shoe...makes your leg look long & lean (not that it isn't...) ankle straps are never a short girls friend (i am sure you already know that, though!)

    p.s. i can sew & i do have a machine (so don't pay anyone!)...but if it the right type of fabric, a raw cut hem might look delish on that #2 dress.

  8. I am going for #1. Loves it!

  9. #1 is adorable but i'll break the mold and vote for #2! can't go wrong with any of the options.

  10. Um, first I just need to say that I absolutely LOVE visiting your blog... you are just a doll. I love your vacay posts - makes me long for time alone with my guy (those pesky kids!). I vote for 3 - because I really like 1 (love the yellow/pink combo) and I really like 2 - the shoes absolutely make it. But three, I gasped! It's perfect and fun and sweet and seems to fit your personality (something I seem to know ALL about after only ready your blog for a week - ha!). Also, love that you included the gays... really their votes should count twice. :)

  11. Look number 2. It's chic, classy, and is still hip. The other two are a little too "momish".

  12. #3 with the heel! LOVE IT!! Super cute!!

  13. I really Love #2, however i agree with other comments that messing around with the bunched up material might just be too much hassle especially with the little ones.

    If no hem change for number 2 i say number 1. SOO CUTE!! Perfect amount of color!!! Cute cute cute!!!

    Have fun!!

  14. I like both 1 and 2!
    They are both super cute! You cannot go wrong with either.

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