Friday, May 28, 2010


after our romantic stroll on the beach, mr.a went to a barber shop and i went to the shoe shop next door. it was cuuuute. and the owner offered me a job! if only we could support a family on shoe sales....

anyway, we went back to the hotel to get ready for the big event.
i wore the dress that mr.a picked out for me...
it's a knit jersey and i love it because it could easily go from day-to-evening and back again with the right accessories. i love this fuschia-color. i think it's one of those universally flattering colors.
i loaded up with black & gold accessories...
and wore these strappy wedges that were begging to be danced in...

dress: michael stars
blazer: gap (like 6 years ago...)
belt: j.crew
bangles: f21, j.crew
earrings: banana republic
watch: la mer
shoes: bcbgeneration

i have to say, i felt fantastic.
there's just something about a dress & heels, huh? well, at least for me there is.
plus, this dress is totally "forgiving" and was as comfy as pj's.
since i don't often have reason to go all out, this was really fun for me.
mr.a looked studly in his wedding attire as well...
shirt: j.crew
vest: j.crew
belt: target
jeans: diesel
boots: vintage

it seems like anytime we attend a wedding at home, we're always rallying the girls, rushing out the door. i'm usually doing my makeup, writing the card, and hiking up my spanx in the car.
we sit through ceremony making sure the baby doesn't make a peep and the toddler is occupied by silent toys and snacks.
then, we get to the reception and i hike up my dress and balance on the toilet to nurse quinn and mr.a tries to keep piper's fingers out of the wedding cake.
we balance four plates in the buffet line and try to keep from knocking over any candles.
but not this time!
this time, we were relaxed from beginning to end.
we had no obligations, no children, no stress.
we enjoyed every minute.
and, if i do say so myself, we looked pretty good doing it!


  1. Love all your pictures-you guys look wedding fabulous! (I almost feel like I went with you!) And nursing a babe in a fancy dress whilst trying to balance on an icky toilet at a wedding....been there. Every time a toilet flushed he'd pop off and cry, thus squirting everywhere. SOOOO glad you guys got to go alone this time! Yay for you!

  2. What a great trip and super retelling of said trip!! You look fab for the wedding!!


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