Thursday, May 27, 2010


day two: part two.
i basically wore the same outfit the whole time we were gone with only slight variation. this is essentially what i packed (except for wedding clothes):
i'm usually a terrible packer, but this time everything was mix & matchable and i wore every item in my suitcase at least twice. scarves are the best accessory to pack because they totally change up an outfit but take up zero space in your suitcase. (to be a really smart packer, shove them in your shoes!)
notice there are no socks on there. i forgot to pack any and had to borrow mr.a's.
this is what i wore on day two:
henley: alternative apparel
scarf: kohl's
t-shirt: target*
jeans: paige
boots: bitten
watch: la mer

*oops! not included on my packing list above. this an awesome slub t-shirt found in the pajama dept. of target. they're that gillian o'malley brand. love 'em. and they cost about $20 less than j.crew's. (which i also love but can't always justify.)

later, i changed into the gold-striped top from j.crew, leopard print scarf, and gold flats for the rehearsal dinner. captured only in this dorky picture:
it was kind of nice not having so many options!
maybe i should pack a suitcase every week.
or.... just clean out my closet. 


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