Wednesday, May 26, 2010


a la lohan.
after our evening nap, i was tempted to just stay in bed until morning, but the last time we saw a movie in a theater was in september. so i was really looking forward to it. (note to the childless: never take the simple dinner & a movie for granted. it may one day be your dream date.)
anyway, i wanted to be comfy so i broke one of my cardinal fashion rules:
i wore leggings as pants.
ack! please forgive me. my t-shirt was long, but not that long.
i did it anyway. and i was sooo comfy. i got these at target for $6 and they are awesome. they have this thick waistband, kinda like prego pants, and they're the perfect length and i promise there were only about 5 other people in the theater with us, and...wait. sorry. there's absolutely no justification.
here's the damage:

jacket: walmart
scarf: target
henley: alternative apparel (men's)
t-shirt: j.crew
pants leggings: target
boots: bitten
don't even try to make me feel better.
it's just wrong.


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