Tuesday, May 25, 2010


eek! so much to post!
to avoid being overwhelmed, i'll just start at the beginning: my travel outfit.
i like to travel in layers. when you fly from iowa, to dallas, to oregon; you're gonna need options. i also like to travel in comfort. no hidden muffin-tops or high heels for the sake of fashion. it's stretchy flats, and comfy pants all the way. i also like a scarf because it can double as a blanket if the airport is freezing, and it's a chic accessory that you don't have to remove to make it through security.
me being a dork. i was excited, okay? our first trip alone since kids!

jacket: walmart
scarf: target
henley: alternative apparel, via 
tank: forever 21
pants: urban outfitters
flats: aldo
watch: la mer

mr.a also followed another smart-travel rule:
wear the biggest item that you're bringing.
in his case, it was his rubbers.
umm, i think i meant wellies. simple mistake.

t-shirt: hanes
jeans: diesel outlet
boots: orscheln's
rain jacket: marmot
bags: arc'teryx, old navy, eagle creek

i thought he looked adorable. we bought these jeans about 6 years ago at a diesel outlet. at the time i didn't love them, but they fit really well so they became his work jeans. now they're all broken-in, spotted with paint and look pretty darn hot. (in my wifely opinion.) there's just something sorta sexy about naturally-worn holes and time-induced fading.

our flight from des moines was delayed a bit, so we went to the pub for a pint and basked in the realization that it was gonna be JUST US for the next four days. we joked and laughed and flirted. if our trip had ended there it still would've been a blast. 


  1. So sweet... it's SO fun to get away without kiddos! Love your pumping story too btw, ha! Don't we all have one, or a million pumping stories!?!?


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