Tuesday, May 18, 2010


wild hearts can be broken.
today we went to the zoo and i thought it apropriate to wear something wild!
okay, not really. but i did want to wear something from the animal kingdom. it was a toss-up between this t-shirt and my chinchilla-fur coat. because it was 75 degrees, the wise old owl won out. and though we didn't actually see any owls at the zoo, i'm sure there are owls at some zoo, somewhere. 
t-shirt: j.crew
belt: j.crew
pants: urban
sandals: saltwater

p.s. my big sister's favorite movie of all time is wild hearts can't be broken. have you seen it? it's about a girl and a horse... it's terribly romantic. (no romance between the girl and the horse, mind you. they're just friends.) and it's a true story. which makes every movie better. rent it for your next
my-husband-owes-me-a-chick-flick night.


  1. I've seen it, it's very cute. And so I your blog. Can we be friends? How should we do this, me move to Iowa? or you to New York?


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