Friday, May 14, 2010


candy's modern-country.
i'm so excited to share my first shopstyle challenge! my sister's bff from college lives in california and has an upcoming wedding to attend.
here is her request:

"I have a wedding to attend ... on June 19th in San Diego ... The weather will probably be perfect if not a little cool. I would describe their save-the-date and wedding invitation as modern country western. The setting is at a spacious ranch ... It will be outside, and I'm anticipating lots of dancing. So what do I wear???? I will not wear cow boy boots! I love your style, and am timid ... of pulling off trends, but I will do what you say!"

so this is what i came up with for candy. each outfit has a western vibe, but nothing too literal. (though, i do love cowboy boots!) i tried to keep in mind the fact that she may be chasing after her two young children, and made sure to keep everything under $50. i also hoped to give her options that she could mix into her everyday wardrobe. oh, and a pair of flats is included in each outfit for when she line-dances the night away!


  1. oh man! these are great Bethany!! i cannot decide. but i will post a picture for you when i put my outfit together. you are a fabulous stylist!!

  2. I really enjoy looking through and reading your blog, Bethany! You're so talented and creative!


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