Thursday, May 13, 2010


the post must go on.

for some reason it was especially hard for me to get all segments of my body looking normal in the same shot today.  so...above we have the normal(ish) face shot
and below we have the normal(ish) body shot.
even the accessories weren't feelin' it.
it took 2 shots of tequila and some lady gaga to get a decent shot of these babies...
but then they were on a roll...
and convinced the necklace to join in the fun...
this is my rescue-necklace. i'm not really an animal person, so i save jewelry from abuse situations. this necklace was given to piper by my grandear for her dress-up bin. (remember grandear and her magical houseful of vintage treasure?) there was no way i was gonna stand back and watch this pretty thing be paired with a pink rayon dress and plastic cinderella heels. not on my watch. so she found a safe haven in my closet and she's doing really well. she's gained a few ounces and no longer flinches when i reach for her. 
i'm no hero...just doing what any one of you would do.

cardigan: j.crew
tank: old navy
necklace: grandear's vintage
pants: urban outfitters
flats: banana republic
watch: la mer, gift from mr.a


  1. Love the cardigan. And I know what you mean about having some troubles getting normal-ish looking shots. Sometimes I have to get 25 pictures for one good one to come out!

  2. i need this outfit in my life!


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